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  1. i have a pimax5k+ and the leapmotion module. (i thought i have wasted +150eur on this module) Since it was recently introduced to DCS, in its current state it is barely usable for anything. I hope this is WIP and will improve with time. and are we just two in here to have the leapmotion module ? im pretty much surprised in low popularity of this module. tbh, i don't believe in bulky vr hardware controllers you are supposed to hold in your hands or other stinky gloves you are supposed to wear, all those have just no future in VR. Leapmotion hand tracking technology is precise and decent enough, it should be exploited much deeper and given some serious attention from the devs.
  2. currently the 4 HKTB autopilot channels has their own two independent ON and OFF buttons, it would make our lives so much easier if the ON and OFF buttons could be combined into one single on/off TOGGLE button we can bind.
  3. from what i see, most of people giving up on the 24 because they have never flew the 8 before. so that's understandable. the 24 as your first rotary module in DCS could be very intimidating and frustrating. you need to learn and understand the way how the SAS/dampers and trimmer system works on this kind of helicopters, if you dont get that you are pretty much doomed. no wonder why the chopper will start yawing and bobbling if you pull up that collective lever straight away
  4. did you have any experience flying the Mi-8 before?, if not i suggest to watch tutorials how to fly the mi8 and learn it there. i know that must be frustrating, i have virpil T50 throttle (i use as collective) and the virpil grip with a 9cm extender on a warbrd base with MFG crosswind pedals. it took me a bit of time, but now i have found back my habits and flying experience i gained on the mi-8 and now the 24 behaves just fine - and its not that much different! i can lift it steady, hover steady and land anywhere. even on moving platform on a ship etc you are supposed to trim your stick position accordingly.
  5. is it me, or the nose wheel steering is not working at all on the Mig-29A ? it works just fine on the Mig-29S
  6. When you instruct an AI C130 aircraft to land at the MERVILLE CALONNE airbase, the aircraft will just vanish from the runway shortly after landing and reducing speed. While other ai jet fighters will taxii to a parking spot.
  7. it is really strange why the VSN mods will affect the F14A in this way ??? they were installed in /Saved Games/DCS/Mods/Aircraft/ folder, definitely not in the core dcs folder, so why?
  8. same here! CTD when i attempt to fly the F14A as player, and it shows as old F14A as AI. this is something not right! I have repaired the DCS installation, removed and reinstalled the F14 module, i even removed custom /liveries/F14a/ folder , none of it helped. Removing mods is not a solution this must be properly fixed. TIA dcs.log-20201119-094859.zip
  9. hi i was wondering if the JF-17 was capable of holding RADAR ALTITUDE and had auto steering / navigation waypoint mode at all ?
  10. this is my personal opinion, if there are more than 10 other people than me sharing the same opinion, then i'm sorry: i don't like the new forum, i feel it cold and the general design is very disuasive to try to write / post anything, it feels like a deliberate purpose to make the forum uncomfortable and less usable. i do already have that feeling that in the future i will less visit this forum. the font is too small for subforum sections, it takes an effort to focus on reading and finding the right subforum sections. I don't suffer of stigma at all, i still find the fonts too small and not comfortable to read, please take in count that in 2020, most of us are using 4K monitors & 4k resolution. the previous forum version was much more convenient and more comfortable to read
  11. after i read all of this ... it appears the real bottle neck is DCS 3D engine. tha is very much disappointing as i also wanted to upgrade my gfx card from 1080ti to a 3080 or even a 3090 to get better fps in VR (Pimax) ... that is really sad
  12. +1 i would see them to be completely removed even :D
  13. so , since this was a trick and it's not working anymore (the ai chopper will return to the nearest base) the advanced wpt "orbit" condition is not working either. there is no real "hover" option for ai choppers to hover.
  14. ok! that worked, i just got confused and was not sure what S1_press is doing
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