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  1. I would use the installer as described but it doesn't sound like the installer will be available on release of 2.5 unless I have that wrong? Why would there be problems in reverting from 2.2 to 1.5? Doesn't DCS verify all files?I would need to rename my saved games dcs folder.
  2. Quick question which is relevant to this release. I currently have 1.5 OB and 2.2 Am I correct in saying that I can use the current DCS updater through cmd line to revert 2.2 to version 1.5 current release after updating 1.5 OD to 2.5 OD? I want to end up with 2.5 OB and 1.5 stable at phase 1.
  3. Not if the crop duster takes say- 1000 man hours to make and you get 20% of sales of a popular, complicated module that takes 10,000 man hours. Risk of the upfront investment is much lower, ratio of profit is much higher so you can afford much lower sales Hence why WW2 aircraft are much more profitable than more modern jets with complicated systems.
  4. Just to add you have to look at this from a third party developers perspective. You have spent many many hours and much money, risking developing a highly complex aircraft,carrier,AI, radar technologies,map etc. Other studios release much more simple,civilian aircraft which sell and are highly profitable whilst having a military aircraft on their books which is still not finished. Would that encourage you to take on such a military aircraft in the future? Why take the risk and make the effort when the playing field has opened up to making much more simple and more profitable aircraft?
  5. Bad if a significant amount of people buy it and you want to fly combat aircraft. It will encourage more civillan aircraft development in DCS diverting resources from military aircraft development as civillian are alot more simple so less risky and more profitable. Sorry but thats the way it is with the introduction of this module. The playing field/market for the devs is shifting within DCS and the CE2 is the test.
  6. I don't like to be negative but the Christian Eagle has no link to the military. Nada. The Yak that is coming was used by the military so just about sneaks in but only just. The Christain Eagle is taking the C out of DCS and I know it is being sold on the premise of not diverting resources but it is a worry to what direction the sim is going in. Are we to expect more non combat aircraft as it would only be fair for other third parties and ED to develop them as they are alot more simple are thus alot more profitable? The door is being opened and I suppose the Christian Eagle will test the water for this type of module. I have alot of modules and have supported new releases as I want to support DCS and see the development of interesting military aircraft in a realistic enviroment. I wont be buying as I do not want to see the sim go in this direction. I look forward to seeing and supporting LLC on their next miltary release and update of the mig21.
  7. I was wondering what is planned for this module in context to future improvements,especially as it is one of the most popular modules and it will become more so with the release of the Phantom. My personal problem with is is it runs so badly causing a constant stutter that I just cannot fly it without feeling Ill, despite trying many fixes. No other module causes this. Viewing the forum I am not alone. I am hopeful that it is being updated and optimised to improve how it runs. Is there any talk of this as Magnitude seem quiet.
  8. I am still having massive stutter issues with the Mig. It is more pronounced in multiplayer to the extent that it's unplayable. Does anyone know if there a way of raising a support ticket as I have tried everything to fix This?
  9. My mistake. I don't think that mode is used.
  10. Hi, Just picked the Viggen up and I am currently learning it. Apologies if this is a known issue but have done a search and cannot find anything. Flying the last tutorial for bombing ccip and can't budge the weapon selector switch to the left hand setting to select bomb. Is this a known problem/ not implemented yet or a bug in my set up. Thanks in advance
  11. I have very bad performance also in 2.1 and have for a while, but it's even worse now. It is only valuable in 1.5 and even then it is the roughest of my modules (with shake off) Good frame rate but stutters constantly in 2.1 so unplayable. I also have two mig21 modules tabs at the bottom of the home screen. One showing installed one showing uninstalled next to each other which is bizzare . Does anyone else have this? Have manually uninstalled the module,clean up, repair, then install and still two module tabs and stuttering. Seems that these days the Mig is a bit neglected.
  12. Thanks guys for organising. Very enjoyable. Piper
  13. Just add-I have made sure the vibration/shake effect is turned off and there is no difference.
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