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  1. This seems to happen around 340kts+ for me. Viper AR Gains.trk
  2. If you don’t know the answer to this question, maybe you should do some research instead of criticizing us for holding ED accountable.
  3. In terms of putting yourself in our shoes, can you please unlock the AIM-120 Split S thread? There was good information being posted there and it's now been locked for almost a week.
  4. There's also no mention of TDOA on there, despite the HAD being listed as complete. Wags had mentioned TDOA in a previous video and that it was being worked on.
  5. The GBU-38 TTI is missing in the TGP as of this update. JDAM TTI Missing.trk
  6. Yeah, more airfields is going to be a crucial thing. It really expands the replayability of scenarios, as well as the variety that can be created.
  7. Has anyone tested whether the stores drag bug is still present? Curious to see if it was patched. Wags had made a comment about it's fix in a youtube video, but I didn't see it in any patch notes.
  8. What are you trying to shoot with a 45 degree loft? And what Mach are you starting at? 300kts is CAS in the HUD, which is dependent on altitude and other factors. When it comes to launching anything, you want to be as close to or above Mach 1 as possible.
  9. You can click and drag with the mouse super quickly as an interim solution until and if ED decides to change it
  10. They usually require new bug report threads for new issues.
  11. Adjust your altimeter to QNH.
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