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  1. Yeah I've decided to go with the F15. Problem is, there are no in game tutorial missions and all the ones online focus on the radar and nothing else. Which is of course nice, but there's a lot more to learn. I'm currently reading the manual, and it's fairly helpful, it just doesn't really give enough explanation. It's like "press 2 for this, it does that" but never why I should, or when I will use it.
  2. Ok, thanks. It would be nice if someone made some tutorials that go more in depth for things other than the radar operation. The manual is nice though.
  3. Yeah I watched those. There were only 3 for the F-15 though. Unless I'm missing some.
  4. What, you expect me to READ?! Pfft. But in all seriousness, I take in information better if it's spoken to me.
  5. Thanks. Those are helpful. There's still a lot I don't know, but it seems like there aren't very many tutorials for the F-15. I'll probably have to read the manual fully.
  6. So these tutorials are nice, but is there anything a bit more in depth? That's why I wanted to avoid the in game pre-recorded tutorials. They are nice but they speed over things a bit, and for someone who's never touched anything more complex than airliners in FSX, wellll...
  7. I know. I'm just lazy. Plus wtf is a coolie? And do I need it? :P (joking, but you see my problem)
  8. Thanks Also, is there anyone with a TM T.Flight Hotas X with a recommended setup for the Eagle?
  9. I dislike the semi-active radar guided missiles on the Flanker a lot. AMRAAM is love AMRAAM is life But I don't know if anyone noticed my edit, I was asking if anyone knew of some good tutorials for the F-15, since the game doesn't have any tutorial missions.
  10. I have both. I just didn't know which one to learn first. But I'll go with the Eagle. Thanks. There are no tutorial missions for the F-15, so are there any tutorials people can recommend?
  11. I'm fairly new to DCS. I know how to navigate, and basic combat, however I'm not sure which aircraft I should dedicate myself to; the Su-27 or the F-15. What do you more experienced players think? Thanks.
  12. Okay, thanks. I guess I'll probably use the mouse to look. Also, considering I'm planning on getting the F-15 soon, should I bother trying to learn the SU-25T, considering ground attack isn't something I'll be doing often in the F-15?
  13. Thanks. I actually have 3 modifiers set, but I may lower it to 2. I have my hat switch to look around, because I plan on using the F-15 the most when I get it, and expect to do quite a bit of air combat. I have it set to trim as well with the modifier, and I may use another modifier to slew the Shkval. The HOTAS I have has 12 buttons, not including the hat switch, and with 3 modifiers I can get 27 different functions, not including ones on the hat switch, programmed on the HOTAS. I'll program the things you mentioned, however I'm very new to this game, and don't know what many of those things are. :P
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to DCS, and I'm wondering what a recommended setup for my Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X is. I so far only have the SU-25T, however if I enjoy it, I plan on purchasing Flaming Cliffs 3. Anyways, thanks in advance.
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