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  1. I'd glady join you for a bit of that Currently madly in love with Warbirds, bored of the A10, yes I know, shocking I own the Mossie and P47, plan on getting the Spit next, then the Anton, Dora and the rest etc etc
  2. NWS automatically turns off at 40 KTS
  3. Buy now and get 20% off, or wait until a sale a couple of weeks later and get it cheaper still, just like NTTR and the M2000. Pass!
  4. Thats why, use the UFC to select GBU12s or if you have it set up on your HOTAS, DMS left or right to select the stores, then drop. I had exactly the same issue as you, then someone told me to do it the way I've described and it worked.
  5. Not only is your memory way too low, your video card only has 1GB of memory. You're way below the minimum spec for DCS.
  6. No need, bang in front of the throttle there are 2 switches. One is the emergency afterburner, outside of that is the aileron booster switch.
  7. Just ahead of the throttle is the aileron booster switch. It used to be on by default, since the last update this has changed, you now have to turn it on manually when doing a cold start. It was stated in the patch notes.
  8. Not a bug, a disclosed change, was stated in last patch note "change in aileron booster switch logic"
  9. Yes, they altered it in a recent patch. It was in the patch note, but as usual none of us read them or noticed it, me included. I took off and crashed before I checked the forum and found out why.
  10. The invalid serial I cannot help you with. However the Mig 21 Ailerons I can, in front of your throttle are 2 switches, one is labelled Aileron Booster, simply switch that on and problem solved.
  11. Sorry, couldnt listen to more than 30 seconds of whatever that noise claimed to be :(
  12. Meh, most of us stopped bothering last week, red won by default. If next round is the same for crashing 5 times in 1 minutes I wont bother with that either. Sorry Greg, Xcom Ciribob et al, just soul destroying and fun sapping to go through 5 start ups in a row.
  13. No what screwed bluefor was a load of us stopping playing due to constant server crashes and massive lag etc making it no longer fun.
  14. Well considering the A10A is no longer in service......
  15. Didnt know the guy but have seen his posts on the forum, my condolences to his friends and family.
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