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  1. Hello guys. Here a quick video on the ATFLIR "dragging" the selected waypoint. In the moment you press TDC depress to select atflir as TGT, the selected WP appears or it's moved on top of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OXZlvUHpSz0GjnEXMdW6XkFrzlMnxZXw/view?usp=sharing Is this a bug or a new behavior of the ATFLIR? Cause it's quite annoying. Cheers!
  2. Hello guys. I have to say this campaign is AMAZING. The history, all the documentation, the geopolitical situation in the region, everything. I'm getting almost to the end of it but M15 is driving me crazy. I've tried two approaches only, both though the 'south' route : 1st approach was WP3 --> WP9 --> WP4 (TGT). After passing WP9, descended from 25000ft to 15000ft in order to maybe mask a bit from the SA-10 and from the Rayak airfield SA-15 with the East mountains of the Bekaa valley. Hoping the Growlers to help me, I got shut down by Damascus SA-15. 2nd approach the same but at 25000+ ft, in order to get out of the range of the Damascus SA-15 and to increase the JSOWs range. Could launch all four JSOWs but got shot down by the target SA-10. Looks like the EW does not cover as in another missions (besides, I was shot IR missiles by a MIG-19 patrol that was shut down by M-2000 (Mystic 3 flight - lucky scape fully loaded with all the bombs). My time on WP9 was 6:20+, so was inside of the EW VUL time window. One very very weird stuff is that after leaving the Tanker and head to WP3, Woody flies down and got stuck at 17000ft at M0.3, so no freaking way to get him to initially engage the SA-10 with HARMs. In the moment I can order Woody to fire the HARMs, he's 25nm behind me. Anyways, I'm trying again via WP3 --> WP8 --> WP4 (TGT), but I think the outcome will be the same, if not shutdown by the Rayak airfield SA-15, I'll be definitely caught by the SA-10 (I'm discarding low level flight due to all the MANPADS/SA-9/AAA threats, fuel consumption restraints and killing the JSOWs range). Cheers!
  3. That seems to be what I experiencing. Thanks for the data bro!!
  4. Helo guys. I've noticed a weird behavior in the last three Case I recovery I've done in the Hornet. In the very moment the airplane crosses the stern of the ship, it increases 3º to 4º pitch angle by itself angle and AoA goes to hell. In order to grab the wire, I had to push nose down. It's pretty scary and I think it's just happening after the last beta update ( Did you experienced it? Maybe a landing setting changed and I'm missing it? Cheers!
  5. I've found myself on a mission where some FAC tells me "from the smoke, 3k feet north. You'll see them". Given that it's pretty hard for me to pick right to the north (even guiding me with the North reference in the FLIR, those 3k feet are almost impossible). So, I just put a mark point in the smoke and tried to get an offset from it... and nothing happens. The O/S information does not populate with the UFC inputs. So, I've created a new waypoint with the same coordinates as the mark point and then I could get an O/S for the waypoint, but does not look efficient. Do you know guys if this actually work like it in the Hornet or it's a bug/non-implementation yet on the module? Cheers!
  6. Hello guys. I'm driving crazy trying to release JDAMs in auto loft (or toss) in PP mode. I've been trying 45º and 30º and simply bombs won't pickle when I got into the correct pitch angle and the release queue just pass across the vertical pitch line. I've been checking latest manual release and found the only manual mode is implemented at this time (April 22): Is this true? I've seen videos that auto loft is properly working, so I'm driving nuts here...
  7. Yeah. I saw 2 being shot at the same time every time they shot at me. Could find both guys near the trucks that stay in the village, one is right by the side of the street and the other one is on a roof.
  8. Done. Mission success and pilot safe until arrival of the A-10C in CSAR (A-10 downed pilot recovered successfully). Got a 96% mission success. In the 1st two show-of-force low level passes, all good. I tried the 3rd one once troops start pushing to the pilot at a very low level and fast (around 600 kias) and got hit by the Iglas. So, I could success at mid level, break hard, engines idle and popping flares as hell. I could see that every time they shoot, it's two Iglas at the same time. One of them is easily spoofed by flares but the 2nd one keep going and going. So, every day it's a good day to learn something new in flight simulations.
  9. Yeah... I'm starting to go though M05, main target all cool and then the support of the downed A-10 and the low-level show of force. I twice had literally no time to avoid the manpads: 1st time didn't even see them, even after my wingman called the launch. 2nd time saw them, and even going 550+ KIAS dropping flares and they launched on my 9 o'clock, no way to avoid the two missiles coming right ate me. I'm pretty much frustrated. But, will keep trying.
  10. That's excellent data. Thanks for sharing bud!
  11. Hello guys. My current Thrustmaster T16000 and throttle are starting to show some age and I'm thinking of an upgrade. Natural upgrade would be the HOTAS warthog, but the Winwing Orion HOTAS F-18 crossed my path and look promising. The price on the page now looks very competitive but I don't know the shipment and customs taxes into EU (more precisely Spain). Do you have any experience/ideas on it? Cheers!
  12. Hello guys. I'm interested too. I have several hours in the Hornet.
  13. Hello guys. Something is wrong with Blade in M12 of Raven one campaign. From the very moment he starts taxiing, his plane is release huge amount of black smoke (see cap1 attached). I've made all test: waiting for him until hooked in the catapult and take off, taking off before and after him. What I saw after taking off after him is that he weirdly crash at the end of the catapult (see cap2 attached). I guess this is a bug. right? Any previous report on this? Cheers!!
  14. Helo guys. I'm remaking raven one campaing after a long time. After the 1st exercise, I just looked down and see a huge splash in the water. Yeah, it was Prince crashing (at 0825 LT). There you have the capture. There have been several updates since last time I played this campaing but, did it happen to you guys? Cheers!!
  15. Hello ChillNG. Thanks a lot for your response. I can confirm that I got below the clouds in WP5 if I'm not mistaken, after a call from one JTAC that had contacts to the west of a town that I can recall the name now, and there were several manpads, AAA, infantry and truks. After that, got back to 15000 ft (baro) and got that noisy call in the VHF FM radio. I was flying for several minutes but could not find it (no clue on the VHF FM ADF). So, I see the search radio zone is north-east of WP 11, correct? Cheers!
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