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  1. You made my day! Thank you guys and welcome! :thumbup:
  2. Life is beautiful, enjoy it, don't waste it on silly complains.
  3. Another CTD. I was playing with some SA-3 in self-made mission, and I'm not realy sure what happened - I either pulled too many Gs and ripped my wings off or was hit by a missile which I was trying to evade, or both. Last thing I heard was Jester shouting at me to eject, and so I did. The CTD that followed was kind of appropriate. :D No crash report, log included. dcs.zip
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, it is a great idea! I hope ED will listen to you and remove all the bugs with the next patch! :thumbup:
  5. You're most likely in offline mode. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=207670
  6. RIO's radio (AN/ARC-182) channel 1 is tuned to your flight frequency, use it to communicate to your wingman. Flight frequency can be seen in the mission planner.
  7. These must be the clues for the future HB module! :D
  8. Skidmarks cause big FPS drop, hope you can see it in the video where it goes from 60 to 20-30fps after puting some skidmarks on the runaway. The performance drop is mostly noticeable in Hornet, but not exclusive to it. Track included, if it helps. My settings: i5 4460 3,2GHz GTX970 16GB RAM 256GB SSD skidmarks.trk
  9. Jester should call out the speed. When asked, he would say current speed, and continuously report every x50 and x00 kt (e.g. current speed 327kt... 350... 400...) until we ask him to stop.
  10. At the top left corner of Horizontal Situation Display Indicator.
  11. Hi and welcome! :) When you request rearming from the ground crew, do you get a popup arming screen where you can chose your weapons? Also bear in mind that arming itself isn't instantaneous, it takes maybe 10-20 seconds to complete. The crew notifies you when it's done.
  12. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but while it's a custom in all other aircraft to require 3x Ctrl+E to eject, F-14 requires only a single press.
  13. Thanks for looking into it. I don't have the mission, it was just a quick one from the editor, but I recreated the new one with more-less same conditions (position, course, time of day). i5 4460 3,2GHz GTX970 16GB RAM edit: added slightly modified mission, more similar to the original conditions with vis_tst.miz vis_tst2.miz
  14. Look at this image - it's a tanker, 900 meters away. IRL it would be easy to see it, it would be so obvious, only a blind man would not see it. And here it's barely visible, no contrast at all, almost blended with the sky. If you look slightly away, it is gone, while in real life you could easily see it with peripheral vision. And this is a problem with visibility in DCS, where aircraft in close vicinity are hard to spot, not the ones 10 miles away.
  15. I had this problem in missions created earlier, for Hornet, and in which I replaced Hornet with Tomcat. It wouldn't launch. (A revenge maybe? :D) So far I had no problem in missions created from scratch.
  16. It is possible during the flight.
  17. This should help, around 11:00
  18. Before. Ofcourse, after the Jester enters the waypoint (you can actualy hear him do it), you have to ask him to select it by opening Navigation Utility, selecting Select destination steerpoint and choosing the newly created waypoint.
  19. yes, it's possible. Open Jester's Navigation Utility, select Steerpoint from map, select waypoint you want to assign and finaly select your mark. Make sure to put a label to the mark for easier identification.
  20. Press Autopilot reference/NWS button
  21. There definitely is a problem with spotting in DCS, mostly caused by the fact that you can't cram the entire natural human's FOV into a small screen and expect it to be rendered in 1:1 scale. Certainly zooming in helps, but you're sacrificing much of your FOV and peripheral vision. It would be like scanning the sky by looking through a straw. IMO the best way to improve visibility is to vastly increase the contrast of aircraft against the background, to appear much darker against a bright blue sky, basically a silhouette. Same goes for planes against the ground, although it would be more challenging to render because of various brightness levels and color of different textures.
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