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    Long time FS fan. DCS now my main Flight Sim after the conclusion of Storm of War on IL2-CLoD.
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  1. I'd suggest closing this thread in any case. All that needs to be said has been. S!
  2. I'm slightly concerned about tha fallout for the forum.... No, honestly - that is a valid growth strategy and will pay in the further developement of DCS, I'm sure. @Hiob @BIGNEWY Same thought corossed my mind. I'm going to say thanks to @gotit for this thread. This thread is clealy a strong data point for E.D. that DCS World and all it's hyperliteralism, attention to detail and fidelity is absolutely valued and must be continued. I wish the MAC product line all the best also as it will likely prove to be a good launch pad for new players who have enjoyed it and decide to look for the next level, to join DCS World. S!
  3. @gotit My judgement is that DCS is among the worlds top drawer of flight simulators and this brings with it a level of complexity which is itself, the draw, the attraction. With that sentence, I set out my stall. Your post title is provocative and I did read your OP text twice to ensure I didn't mis-understand. Your opening line is one I adamantly disagree with and my reading of the remainer of your post does little to convince me otherwise. Your position is well noted and given you shared it on this public forum, I'll share my particular view and experiences by way of countering yours and hopefully, develop the discussion for all reading it. I'm one of those who has gotten drawn in a little. I purchased a good solid HOTAS flight control solution (joystick, throttle and rudder pedals) and I've built a USB button box for additonal physical controls at my finger tips. I quickly realised the limitation of using a keyboard though, I do use the mouse in cockpit. I've even DIY'd my seating position and controls to mimic a generic plane cockpit (throttle on my left by my leg, joystick between my knees, button box to my right). This has absolutely not made me a better sim pilot / dog-fighter. It does allow me to fly for longer at a time, avoid fatigue and afford me an overall more enjoyable playing experience. I've recently further enhanced my experiece with VR and I am very thankful for the tremendous attention to detail offered in the DCS. It's make the critical difference. Regarding joystick setup, curve setup and the overall adjustments and tuning for flight accessories, this can be something of a frustration for sure and very often is an iterative process of, change a little, test, adjust more, re-test and so on. The end result is subjective also which adds a complication but it's possible, in the main, to find a result that works well. It's also a fact that not every joystick is equal. There are folks on these very forums who will offer to assist if reached out to them. Many have. Regarding your notes concerning the goals of ED with their DCS modules .... I believe, within the bounds of reason, they do provide a very decent historical reference document and again, within those same limitations, they also provide a remarkable reference of what it may have been like to fly these aircraft. One of these limitations is listed in your OP text and I've quoted below. It, I contest, is rendered irrelevant in this discussion. True in absolute fact though, it indeed is! Now this is dangerous territory. The vexed among our community may be quick to point out how ridiculous that last part reads. For them the case is closed shut. They announce that there is no way, any sim can offer any idea, of what it's like to fly the real thing. There'll be little road to travel on that discussion. That's OK. There are others who allow a little more room for explanation/description and can appreciate, perhaps with some skepticism, that there's more to this topic than meets the eye, maybe! Of course, there are no G-forces or inertia at play, the smell, the taste and the full senses impact cannot be there. On face value, it's a monitor on a table in a room in a house. You can see the wall and window behind the computer. It's so blatently a PC your using! And this is what it is. However, whether it be DCS or a TV movie, you'll surely note how quickly, when engrossed in the movie or the game/simulator, you no longer notice the window or that picture hanging in the wall beside the monitor. Indeed, you may well to register even the monitor or TV borders. Your notes about guitar playing come into the discussion here. Allow me a little time and space to play out my point. I've flown WWII fighters with a like minded group for a number of years now. I recall the early days when I was new to the genre and the idea of flying my sim-plane in formation with another on screen was daunting. The grip on my old joystick was crippling and the initial experiecne, far from satisfying. It was a challenge and it took all my mental capacity. Ever been there with, early on during your first guitar playing experience, trying to learn a cord? Over time, my skills improved to a point where the flying activity (my physical exertion) drifted into the background and all became quite natural. My mental capacity was not all used up trying to hold position. By now, the picture beside my monitor was easily blanked out of my conscious view as I was engrossed with what I was seeing and experiencing on the monitor. At some point in time, your guitar playing became more second nature and the fingers fell on the frets almost automatically. I went from viewing the flight sim as a piece of software/a game/a simulator, to not viewing it as those things at all. In fact, that's the most accurately I can put it. For moments at a time, I was not mentally acknowledging I was using a sim at all, such was my level of engagement. The sim was 'realistic' enough to allow me, for periods of activity, to mentally put aside the fact that I was using a computer. It afforded me the 'illusiuon' if I was willing the accept it that I was in a cockpit, doing what I was simulating, instead of simulating what I was fantasing about doing ... almost ! (This is where I needed your patience to go with me a little) Then came DCS, for me a next level simulator. With it, a level of detail that furthered my experience. The ease with which I could 'slip the bound of the reality ( sitting at a computer) and remain in the illusion of flying a spitfire was incredible. The sounds, the views and the fact that the modelling was so well done made this all the more entralling. With my friends in formation, talking on SRS with radio sounds that mimic'd VHF, flying across the white cliffs of Normandy was thorougly delightful and joyous. A repeated refrain from one of my flying buddies was 'this is impossible' and I understood keenly what he was saying. He lives in a different country, comes from a different background, has an entirely different live experience yet here we are, together with folks from Australia, America, Europe, all lining up for a coordinated formation landing, canopies open, landing checks completed and with the virtual wind blowing across our open cockpits. All delivered due to the incredible degree of detail and literal switch clicking realism from the models which DCS delivers. It's akin to getting lost in a favourite piece of music which you have practiced and tuned fully into, as you effortlessly play the strings. It's beyond the physical act of strumming the cords, it's still a guitar in your hands of course, yet it's so much more. Long to short, I cannot hold to your point that the "entire notion of simulating aircraft flight with this level of hyper-literalsim is a false promise". It's only limitiation is the user. Speaking for myself, as an adult, quite capable of living and working in the real world and providing for my family, this attention to detail, this sought after level of realism by the developers, this almost replication of a real world plane, for all it's limitiations, is the means by which I can remain in my illusion and enjoy a cooperative experience with my like minded friends for an hour or two or more on a weekend. Your mileage may vary. I've waxed lyrical I know, yet I am confident I'm not alone. You pointed out ..."No matter how technically accurate the simulation, the very notion of simulating the experience of these planes will never be the same as flying the plane." I genuinely suggest that it is both absolutely correct and equally irrelevant. It's the comment of those vexed among us for whom the case is closed shut! I think they are missing out personally but that is what it is. S!
  4. Your screenshot has the view point biased left and back for sure. No good for sure! I am a Reverb 2 user and my view point in VR is good, centered and appropriately placed in the cockpit. Agree with Razor18's query, can you recenter the Vibe Pro2 (would hope so) and does this help? S!
  5. Many thanks. This module, already exceeding all expectations, gets improved again. We've been flying the A4-E almost exclusively (i.e. jets) for the past three months now. Whilst we've mostly gotten used to the "old oil in the drums", the changes here will surely be welcomed. The Wheel brake default binding changes are most welcomed also. S!
  6. Good call, I use a Warthog and I make sure my switches are all in the correct position. I dont airstart very often at all but I have 'sat down' the 109K, (just mention my most recent) on the ground due to the sim reading my switch state and assuming the corresponding configuration. ! S!
  7. I've gotten into the habit of exercising each axis in all directions which I guess is what others above mean when they say 'HOTAS checklist' . S!
  8. Fair question OP. In my view, there's nothing stopping ED from stating a better guidance on the release date expectation. (Fact is, they are damned if they do and damned of they don't). we the community will feedback all responses either way! I'm personally OK with waiting longer (you milage may vary of course) if it means a higher quality initial release. There are modules released already (years ago) with unresolved issues which is very frustating. Anything to avoid adding to this list by ED is certaintly the way to go. For the cost of some additional weeks waiting, this seems to me to be a worthwhile trade. S!
  9. Better to wait for higher quality than get an instant satisfaction of a release, only to be disappointed with the state of readiness. Within reason, take the time necessary ED. Given the fact that pre purchase was offered, it's likely the extra wait will not be extensive. S! Joker
  10. So I've been flying the Sabre some over the last couple of months and I've not experienced this sound bug which is great news. Thanks ED team for the work. It means a lot! S! Joker
  11. The older thread was closed before any confirmation of fix was announced so bumping this one now! This old thread was started in May 2, 2016. It's now 2022 and in this new thread started April 9. On Dec 9, 2021 , it's getting another push/kick. Frankly, this "still being investigated" status is disappointing at best. The investigation has been done in truth, a resolution testing and verified and yet the official module seemingly cannot be updated. S! Joker
  12. A huge thanks to the DCS SoW admins and to all who contributed in any way to it's success in spite of the limitations. Thanks for Eagle Dynamics for providing the platform, without which, the SoW server would never have existed. DCS SoW surely gets logged in the memories of those of us lucky enough to have had the privillage to fly it, as likely, the single most engaging, challenging and ultimately rewarding DCS Warbird experience. I can only imagine the $value of sales it drove over the years with new players joining! As a private enterprise by a small few ambitious individuals, SoW served the appetite of 1000s of sim-pilots over the years who craved the 'dangerous', 'watch you six' style of air battle and ground attack engagement not provided elsewhere. Eagle Dynamics provided the airframes and where else to put them into a simulation operation (as history indicated them to have been) than SoW. SoW offered zero apologies to those very few who misunderstood what DCS SoW was about. It counted regularly at the very top of the server list (Modern jets and WW2). It will be missed. There is truth that many in the community feel the already released DCS modules struggle to receive further priority from Eagle Dynamics Management / Development. This is not just WW2 related, it's with the Modern Jets also. It's also a fact that ED has improved and updated it's released module regularly. However, there appears to be gaps been the customer expectations and the updates delivered in a number cases. Turn Around Time is a component of this 'gap' for sure. I can appreciate the difficulty when it comes to resource management and it's with this appreciation that patience is often given. How long is that piece of string ? It's a matter of fact that we are all aviation fans and a vast majority of us have both DCS Warbirds and Modern Jets in our virtual hangers amongst other simulators. DCS today represents the dream that all those years ago, seemed utterly impossible. What DCS enables (via multi-player) is outstanding. As a paying customer, bug fixes and fleshing out of functionality are part of the deal, implied or explicit, however it is viewed. Salute DCS SoW
  13. LOL .... Nice job well done OP! re: acheivement unlocks ... I'm of the opinion to leave these for the more arcade titles. Now, sadly I guess I ought state that in no way am saying anything other than straight up calling out the difference, as I see it, between what DCS is and what other titles are ... there's no judgement or scorn intended nor should such be assumed. That said, I fully get your sentiments and have no disagreements with you .... yet, the OP's experience essentially IS that recognition or unlock achievement isn't it. Enough the share the story (thank you) and offer a good read to the rest of us who possible have had our own experiences or surely eventually will. S!
  14. My virtual hanger is also busy enough to run quite a nice virtual museum LOL. I fly WW2 warbirds on MP servers with Virtual Sqn. friends a lot and over the last many months, my other ride, when not flying WW2, is the A10C. Easy to fly, more challenging to fight, when up with a wingman, the A10C in action is all encompassing. But I think there's a hidden truth here which often is masked by the fancy shiny stuff .... we tend to fly what we love, that airframe that tickles the emotion deep down and DCS offers that opportunity like no other. Problem is, I love 'em all !!! S!
  15. Thanks for the correction, it's important. S!
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