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  1. Yes, exactly, everything was fine, and I was not experiencing the issues others were detailing. That changed after I used the Hawk in a mission I created from scratch. As soon as I tried to fly the mission I had the 'stuck to runway' problem, and others, I'll test it some more, but I kind of decided I would put it on the back burner till a fix is found.
  2. Ok, so not having the issue so far, it now manifests itself....Been fine in 2 and 1.5 Openbeta for ages..the only thing I changed was to put the Hawk into Mission Editor from Nellis....Now I have all the issues others have stated...stuck to runway etc As stated, was fine before ME...now it's broken in 2 and 1.5...This won't help much, but that's where it went pear shaped for me !
  3. Thanks Sryan, I hadn't realised that, guess I can free up some disk space then :)
  4. I used to have DCS through Steam, I then realised the advantages of having the standalone version. ( I actually still have both installed ) Updates and new modules are available much earlier than Steam, also patches etc, and also because my Steam modules were easily activated in the standalone version, it means I can pick up modules in the sales on both standalone and steam !! I only use the standalone version now, but hang on to the steam one just in case they have a flash sale....Both can run very happily beside each other... Hope this helps :)
  5. No issues with the Hawk at all in 2.0 or 1.5 My hardware may not be the best, but everything runs smooth as silk in Nevada with no FPS Loss and the Hawk loves to Buzz the Vegas strip ;) CPU - AMD A8-6600 4.0GHz RAM - 16GB Graphics card including VRAM amount - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB What flight controller are you using - TM T-Flight HOTAS X Are you using TrackIR or other head tracking system - No Do you have any other versions of Hawk loaded, like 1.5.3 - 1.5.3 OpenBeta Did you have the pre-release version installed at some point (prior to April 2015) - No What other DCS mods do you have installed - Just Official Mods
  6. If you have two and a half hours to spare ( I did ) here's an extremely interesting and informative documentary on the Su-27, It's long for sure, but very detailed :-) [ame] [/ame] Puts her into perspective :-)
  7. Nvidia Geforce GTX1080 So now this new puppy is out of the box, I'd love to believe the hype...... Apparently half the power usage, but twice the performance of the Titan, but at a much lower cost !! If this is for real, it knocks the 980's sideways !.....Looks too good to be true, but apparently with VR in mind.....counting my spare cash as I speak :-)
  8. Hopefully this is just me missing something obvious but......... When attempting to use 530 missile, I first radar lock my target, get the solid box and fly towards it,I then put master-arm on to enter air to air mode, and then select the 530 and the 's' appears next to the missile.....at this point I thought a small flashing circle should appear on the HUD......regardless I continue to lock it again and at no point see the small missile seeker head circle, flashing or not ! Am I just being stupid and missing something simple ?? I have searched for an answer, but cannot see anything I am doing wrong..... Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Nice one !! Just found that on Amazon too, I'll give that a read next, Cheers :thumbup:
  10. Didn't think it would have been 'under the radar' ;) I'll certainly give the Kosovo one a read too, Thanks :)
  11. Just got this book by William L. Smallwood from Amazon for £1.80 plus postage Brand New (Book Depository).... It's a no-brainer purchase if you ask me :) 'An absorbing tale of how a decidedly ugly duckling became a military hero'.......
  12. If you look in the 'user files' here and filter the unit to Ka-50, Devrim's HD Black Shark cockpit is rather nice and in English.
  13. Hi Scarecrow, I am 'of a certain age' and struggled to get to grips with DCS World originally, and for the Su25T, I found the YouTube channel of 'Robert Sogonomian' to be excellent, he does a 10 part tutorial in a very precise manner..... Here's the link to part 1 of 10, Hope it helps :)
  14. I still think it's worth saving a wee while longer, I don't suppose the Flight Sim devs are going to stop striving for a better, more immersive gaming experience with stunning visuals etc.... So 18 months down the line you could find the AMD A10 just can't provide the minimum hardware specs to keep up with the increasingly fast paced software changes..I'm looking to build my own PC, cheaper and more tailored to my needs...Good Hunting, whichever path you choose :)
  15. Take a quick look at this youtube vid from xxJohnxx he explains what's happening there :) [ame] [/ame]
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