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  1. The A-7 will be an instant buy for me. My love for this plane started when living in Portugal and seeing them fly nearly daily from S.Jacinto Air base to Maceda air base right over our house. Go make this one Razbam
  2. I'm hoping for the following aircraft: -A-7 Corsair II -A-6B Intruder -EA-6B Prowler -SEPECAT Jaguar -MIG 23MLD -MIG 27K
  3. I've got the module since it came out, and I find it a great plane. Of course I'm looking forward to the EFM and the CC version, but I still find it a great trainer aircraft. I have faith in Aviodev completing what they promised.
  4. +1 for getting to know the '21 before meeting the veteran! Thanks for sharing. Great piece :thumbup:
  5. I will be flying the FW-190, P51D and the Mig-21. The latter because I just love it!
  6. The Mig-21 is my favourite plane in the game. And I own nearly all modules except the Spitfire and BF109. I just love it. Its massively rewarding if you get it right, manage to creep up to something by using the terrain, and shoot it down. :pilotfly:
  7. One of the best teasers ive seen. Got me right in mood. Hope its not gonna be long. :pilotfly:
  8. We need Soviet planes! Mig-23, Mig-25, Mig-31, Su-17/Su-22, Su-24, TU-22M... and TU-160 :music_whistling:
  9. :megalol: haha gotta love your approach VJS :clap:
  10. Vectury

    Mirage F1

    Awesome looking plane. Thx for sharing Oscar! :pilotfly:
  11. Beautiful screens. Beautiful plane.
  12. Sounds like a plan! :thumbup:
  13. Not really interested in it either. But hey, at a sale I might just buy it.
  14. Last weekend I saw the Viggen flying for the first time at a Belgian air show. What a beast! I enjoyed every second of that display. When Leatherneck releases this plane its gonna be an instant buy for me. :joystick:
  15. Thank you for the update JuanOscar. :thumbup:
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