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  1. I was quite surprised to see this thread on the front page again, after all this time. ;)
  2. You plan on brushing your teeth while flying the Tomcat? ;)
  3. Other than the MiG21 mobile app? Not that I know of. But this should get you started: Air to Air. R-3R: TNT equivalent: 2.1 Kg Guidance: Semi-active radar Range: 7 Km Max mach: 2.5 R-3S: TNT equivalent: 2.1 Kg Guidance: Infrared Range: 7 Km Max mach: 2.5 R-13M: TNT equivalent: 2.1 Kg Guidance: Infrared Range: 10 Km Max mach: 2.5 R-13M1: TNT equivalent: 2.1 Kg Guidance: Infrared Range: 10 Km Max mach: 2.5 R-55: TNT equivalent: ? Guidance: Infrared Range: 10 Km Max mach: 2.3 R-60A: TNT equivalent: 6 Kg Guidance: Infrared Range: 5 Km Max mach: 2 R-60M: TNT equivalent: ? Guidance: Infrared Range: 8 Km Max mach: 2.4 RS-2US: TNT equivalent: ? Guidance: Beam-Riding Range: 7 Km Max mach: 2.3 I hope this gives you some insight, if you want, I could do Air to ground weapons too. I'll just make a list like this one. :book: Kind regards, Martijn.
  4. Excellent!! My father and I used to do this as well. It's great fun :thumbup: . Some amazing paintwork by the way. How long did it take you?
  5. In some pictures, the air intakes are covered with somekind of a grey cover looking like a filter. Can anyone tell what that is for? Anti-FOD prevention system?
  6. That is one beautifull SOB. I so want this to be a thing in DCS. Good post.
  7. Then I can really recommend to strap it on to a rocket and shoot it towards Laythe. When you finally get there you can collect some mad sience points. Plus, it's a great journey. You will probably be one of the first people to pilot a '21 on another celestial body! :pilotfly:
  8. Awesome! I too build a MiG 21 like aircraft in KSP. You should use BD Armory mod and slam some guided missiles on it like I did. It makes the experience even more fun. :thumbup: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85209-1-0-4-BDArmory-v0-9-9-1-(-AI-improvements-DLZ-2-new-parts)-Dev-Thread-Aug-31
  9. A Corvette would be fine too :music_whistling:
  10. You have a good point there, but I think that if you combine the two that the experience would be even more epic! :D imagene feeling the '21 gunsight in front of you while also 'seeing' it. I don't know if that will work. Maybe it would ruin the experience or perhaps it will make it more immersive. I hope we can find out soon enough.
  11. Another Dutchie here. It sounds like a very interesting project and I will surely buy it eventually when it's done. I could even alpha/beta test it for you, PM me if you'd like that :thumbup:. However, I'm also curious to the size of the price tag. I hope this really becomes a thing, I think that more people would be interested in your work once you have posted some pictures of it in this thread. Groetjes!
  12. This will happen to the minds of the forum members :D ${1}
  13. Beautifull screenshots you guys have there. I decided to turn my Sabre into a submarine today. And boy was it a succes. Not only could I explore the unknown world beneath the water, I also traveled through another dimension, to a world where water is simply everywhere. What could be next? Timetravel? Who knows...
  14. Only 3 more hours!!! :thumbup: I'm so excited for this, since this is the first time in my life I will observe a supermoon lunar eclipse. The very next one will be on the 8th of October 2033, and the last one was in 1986. Is there anyone else already getting their telescopes from the attic? Some good sources of information: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/solarsystem/features/eclipse/index.html http://www.rbc.ru/rbcfreenews/5607fecf9a794709eb2d65f6 http://www.accuweather.com/en/world-weather ~ NASA Website. Any good photographers who might get a great looking picture? One last thing, now I know that this isn't exactly aviation related. But since this is such a rare event, perhaps we could make an exception?
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