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  1. What the title says. 2.7 (amazing clouds!!) works fine without the headtracker.dll but unfortunately without headtracking. Is this API posted by Wags still valid for DCS 2.7? It still was on 2.6.
  2. Are you using headtracker.dll? That makes 2.7 crash here, without the dll it works but without headtracking obviously. Worked fine on the latest 2.6 version.
  3. If you do it on mission level you could use timer.getTime or timer.getAbsTime and add it to the mission start time and date. Not sure what happens if you'd pause the mission though if that would apply or if that method would be accurate if a missions runs for more than 24 hours
  4. Came across this post while I was trying to do the same thing. Not that it would solve your problem but there are 2 bugs in your code. DCS.getRealTime is a function so you have to use DCS.getRealTime() and getModelTime() lacks the DCS. prefix. It would be nice to have some function to get the actual mission time on server level indeed.
  5. Maybe this can be made optional for the servers or auto detected if SSE4.1 is available so the players/pilots can have the advantage of it.
  6. Yeah noticed this too. With little roll input nothing much happens but when slightly increasing the input the roll suddenly kicks in. Very different from other AC.
  7. Got this one today after maybe 30 minutes of flying. Running DCS unmodded. textures/dubai_objects.varyhouselod4.1.selfillumtexture @ mods/terrains/persiangulf/models/dubai_objects/dubai_objects.texture.zip
  8. Even tacview logs it's higher than that. Either way, is there a way we can change the default? Most people don't even get 120 fps on their sim rig, might be a little over the top to have a server tickrate that high.
  9. I'm looking at an average of 135.7 fps now, doesn't appear to be limited at 120 fps.
  10. Were the latest updates supposed to have this fix yet? I'm seeing an fps of roughly 80-120 depending on the mission but the max fps is set to 30 in the autoexec.cfg.
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