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  1. Hi all, VAICOM asked me to update this morning for new features, so I did. I also completed the "Finish" steps as requested. However, the console is now filled with a constant stream of: 9:16:31.433 there was a problem sending state update request:'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'Dictation'Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a d... The error message is very long, and there's a new one every few seconds. If I try to use VAICOM, it throws a different error: 9:21:46.563 UNABLE TO INVOKE PLUGIN, 'VAICOM PRO 2.5'. DUE TO EXCEPTION: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'Dictation' I am running VA as admin, and I have tried resetting Keywords from the Reset tab in case something had gotten messed up. Neither of these things has worked. Any suggestions?
  2. VAICOM has been updated to work pretty well with Supercarrier. You can do all of the required comms for proper landing procedure, and you can order the deck crew around for launch. I highly recommend it, not only for the added immersion, but freeing up your hands from having to navigate the comms menu in flight is really helpful.
  3. This just happened to me on the latest OB. I was in the Mav F training mission on Caucasus. I fired all four Mavs at the targets, then I tried to do some A2G gun passes on the remaining targets. I noticed all my bullets were hitting well high, even though the pipper was dead on and I had an "in range" cue. I thought this was weird so I quit and did some googling. After finding this thread I was going to go back and record a track, but it appears to be working just fine now... I will keep trying to figure out the conditions that made this happen.
  4. You're not the only one! I've been doing some test launches on the PG map. Usable video from the DL pod at <35nm. Still a signal out to about 60nm (can see the crosshairs, barely), but its so fuzzy/snowy that its unusable. I've gotten the issue both with the missiles/target in my forward quarter and in my aft quarter with A ANT selected. Not sure if this is an issue in procedure, an issue in ED implementation, or just how SLAMs work. Edit: I should clarify that I tried this at ~15kft and about 30kft, same result.
  5. This is possibly a "Just dont worry about it" issue: VAICOM generally works fine for me (normal stuff, AIRIO, and carrier ATC), but when I hit "test" in the editor panel, it shows a bunch of missing aliases followed by "377 missing aliases in VA profile VAICOM PRO for DCS World." I've tried repeating the FINISH steps again to see if that would help, but it doesn't change anything. Have I messed something up, or should I just not worry about it as long as everything seems to be functioning?
  6. I am also having this issue on a Valve Index. Have not tried this yet.
  7. I have an index. I'm still working on upgrading my cpu to better run dcs in VR, but even on my ancient vishera processor at 20 fps, it's pretty amazing. I can read dials and ddis in the hornet no problem. Xplane 11 is also excellent in terms of visibility and immersion. I don't have anything else to compare to aside from trackir, which VR obviously beats the snot out of in coolness.
  8. Its an old thread, but I have the same issue. Link: https://imgur.com/a/EOJdMUH
  9. Looks great! Would it be possible to get a version of this that uses primarily feet/nautical miles/knots/lbm/lbf as they are the units in the F-86 instruments?
  10. Yeah, it looks super dirty cause I've been filing and sanding it. However, even when it was brand new and super clean I had the same issue. Yeah, I cut out that whole middle structure because the connector cable didn't fit, and removing the plastic seemed easier than trimming down the connector cable to fit. After some fiddling I believe I can get away with fitting a spacer down into the threads so that the plastic insert bottoms out and presses the insert onto the stick base and holds everything in place.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by "depressions in the inner ring" exactly. Can you clarify? Also, here's what I got. Its gotten pretty banged up, but it still threads into the other parts of the hose connector just fine. The threads on the right are filed down, as the major diameter was ~20-25 thou more than the connector on the WH base. However, it still does not fit, as it appears the minor diameter of the threads is too large as well, and that's a lot harder to fix.
  12. I have already removed the center plug, as my connector cable was too big to fit. The issue is not something prevent the threads from reaching each other, but that the threads are different sizes and don't quite go together unless I literally wrench it down.
  13. Hey all, I'm making my own warthog extension. Per the suggestion of you fine folks on this forum and those over at /r/hoggit, I bought a gardena hose connector. However, while the female part of the hose connector fits onto the base of the stick just fine, the inner plastic male part only threads into the Warthog stick about 3/4 of a turn before becoming too tight to turn any further. however, this is not far enough in to make a secure connection, so the stick itself can wobble because there is nothing keeping the nut rigid with the stick. Upon measuring the threads, it appears the gardena hose connector is ~20 thou bigger, which explains why it doesn't thread. Nobody else seems to be having any issues though. Whats the solution? edit: This is the connector
  14. Its funny that you mention that, I have had the same experience. I tried and tried and tried months ago and gave up on it cause I just couldn't get it together. Got inspired to try again today and I basically don't have to do anything and it works just fine. The takeoff roll seems a lot longer though. I used to do ~1.0-1.1 ata and that would get me going pretty quick, but now its really sluggish unless I redline the engine.
  15. Hi all, I'm trying to get the Kh-25ML to work properly, and I cannot figure it out. I have followed all of the guides and I'm doing everything to the letter, but even with the laser in designator mode and firing and the circular indicator on the target, the missile leaves the rail and immediately follows an arrow-straight, -45 degree path into the ground. The strange thing is that this happens whether or not the laser is firing, and also whether or not the laser is even powered! I have found that even with the laser system completely off, as soon as I switch to the Kh-25's and uncage the shkval, the circular indicator for the Kh-25 jumps to where my shkval is pointed. This shouldn't be possible, right? There's a pretty good chance I'm just doing it wrong, because all the guides online are rough at best, there's zero documentation on the 25ML in the manual, and the entire HUD is in cyrillic and I don't understand what a lot of the flashing symbols and letters mean. help? Thanks Kingfish
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