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  1. The nose wheel travel changes with the flaps. It is much greater when you have the flaps up. With flaps up you can do a 180 on the taxiway at Anapa.
  2. Hi It is probably the Landing Seat Adjustment Special setting. With this setting on, the viewpoint is moved up when you lower the landing gear. This is to give you better visibility when you are landing. I prefer to have it off. -- Roy Vegard
  3. The IADS on GitHub works (together with MIST) in 1.5. https://github.com/mrSkortch/DCS-miscScripts https://github.com/mrSkortch/MissionScriptingTools -- Roy Vegard
  4. When you start a training mission by using the "TRAINING" button on the main menu, the music keeps playing. DCS
  5. It did happen again, and I noticed the backtrace part of the log was identical (except for memory addresses) as last time. The only similarity is that I was looking out the left side of the cockpit. It was on another server and I was flying the SU-27.
  6. Flying the L-39 in multiplayer, turned my head towards Krymsk. Logs attached. Logs_01.zip
  7. Is it possible to get guest (read only) access to the bug tracker database, so that we can search for existing bugs before reporting? I searched this forum for this bug, but did not find any mention of it.
  8. The large road bridges between Sochi and Adler seem to have strange LOD settings. When re-playing the attached track at Medium visibility range they appear at a longer range than if played at High visibility range. Also notice that the railroad bridges are visible at greater ranges no matter what visibility range is set. lod_test.trk
  9. When approaching towns the shadows of the buildings appear before the actual buildings. This is prominent at Medium visibility range. I'm guessing it also happens at High visibility, but it's more difficult to notice. This also happens with forest trees when the trees visibility range is set sufficiently low. Video: DCS Version options.lua
  10. LW Registration Red team Callsign: roy Aircraft: SU-27, SU-25
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