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  1. Rb74s are AIM-9L sidewinders, not air to ground
  2. When carrying bk90s and rb74s, when I try to launch the bk90 in series it launches a bk90 and an rb74. Does this twice. In addition, the bk90 mix has skeet type explosions deadly to vehicles, the m1 and m2 both have HE type explosions that are relatively ineffective.
  3. The flogger shot down 1 mirage, which isn't very good considering it was armed with r23s and r60s. The SAAF aircraft were limited to tail chase missiles because of an arms embargo. Look at the flogger's record in Iraqi service against Iran and in Syrian service against Israel. They were generally regarded as a disappointment.
  4. Must've been a big penny, the flogger is notorious for turning like a dog. Speed and acceleration were its strengths.
  5. It's my server, Red Vs. Blue, and I really appreciate you trying it out. I plan on scaling it up if the performance holds up.
  6. You've been advocating missile changes forever, and I'm sorry I overlooked your contribution. It's clear you know what you are talking about, and I appreciate you caring enough to try to get things changed.
  7. Night and day. Locks from the front and the side. Much better range and maneuverability. The Tiger has teeth now! Thanks ED and BST.
  8. How is it in 2.0.3? Fixed?
  9. Meh, they did it for the Mirage.
  10. Or we mod the AIM -9M onto the F5E
  11. Well the missile in game is rear aspect only, so there is something wrong. This p5 seems a different animal than the one the f15 was hauling around recently.
  12. 530 is deadly. Practice changing your PRF when your target tries to notch you. If you lose lock when you change weapons, thats a bug.
  13. Can confirm crash to windows when weapon release is pressed in ripl mode.
  14. No I'm holding the uncage switch, it just doesnt lock (or at least change tone) from anything but the rear aspect.
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