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  1. Hi Mir, I understand your motives for the changes and I agree with what your doing too. Its hard to keep everyone happy , (I'm not happy about the fuel deal lol, but that's ok). This is a great server, and the one I always play on. I have played on it since near the beginning of its start, made some very good friends here, and have enjoyed watching it grow to where it is now. The aim 120's have always given the F15 an upper hand in a lot of scenarios, but an experienced pilot learns how to deal with them over time. For a new player it can get frustrating when your learning the complex flight and weapon systems, and I understand what they are going through. That is a lot of what this server is about, this is where a lot of us came when we were new and we had our butts kicked a few times in the process.(I haven't forgotten my first few weeks in here either). The cool thing about this server is that there is usually someone around who doesn't mind helping someone new out. That's important, because it keeps those players coming back and they tell there friends and they come back and so on. If more people keep joining DCS , then DCS might develop more software, and with more software development we may see more aircraft at a faster pace. Its great to see a lot of new players coming in but to keep it fair for all would be next to impossible unless you spend the next 5 years writing code lol. I think you should move forward with your plan, try it out, and if it isn't working, you can always revert back. It wouldn't be the first time anyways, and it wouldn't be the end of the world :) Free
  2. This is great news Mir, especially the new skins yay... I never could get my temp server to show up on the list, and I spent a few hours making a serious effort. Read many postings on the subject, but didn't find a cure. Even dropped all the firewall on win and router to no avail. I never had any of that crap to go through with 1.2 so there might have been some sort of change in the upgrade. There are others with the same issues too, but if your back up, that's great. I just wanted to have mine working for those rare times when your system is down. btw, its 4:52 pacific time here and I don't see your server up.
  3. So I installed the dcs on a laptop here so I could see what my server looked like and guess what, it wasn't on the server list. Spent a few hours looking for an issue and didn't really find anything that would make a change. I have the ports forwarded as per, win7 firewall allowed to pass and the router firewall I turned off. I didn't have to do a lot of this for 1.2 so I'm not sure whats happening. It looks like more research for me tonight. Free
  4. I did make a simple server over the weekend for multi-player, Just 2 bases and a couple of hard to get to ground targets but only had it up for a few hours. I had to keep taking it down to fix it. That could be though, to my lack of knowledge at this point in building a server. I don't want to spend a lot of time doing this because I'm really hoping Mir's server will be back soon and I don't really have the time to spend on it right now. Building a server is a lot of work and a good time burner too. I found it was better to test what I had done after each mod and fix it right away if there was an issue. One side effect from all this is that I am getting addicted to building a server now lol, it is kind of interesting and this weekend I actually spent more time building than playing. I may start rummaging around the shop now and see if I have enough parts to build a separate box for a server... see its started already. Free
  5. No worries Mir from here. I have both versions still and see a bit of difference between the two, but visually I don't see a lot. It seems that they did not make it backwards compatible to allow for people to change gradually to the newer version. There are some things I do not like, as in if the chat window is open, it locks out your keyboard which sets you up as an easy kill. I was also messing around with the mission builder to get something going till you are back up again, but it is a lot of work, and I have to do the learn as you build method which will make it take twice as long to build a decent game as there is a lot of trial and error on my part. I was able to log into a 1.2 server today though and it worked ok. Free
  6. ya, bugs... Good job with the server Mir, it is the best one by far. It is my goto server as well.
  7. Do you mean that our own ground defenses (say blue) would shoot down a missile launched by the same side (say blue)?
  8. Thats why its probably still a beta. Without the tools and or mods built in, it wont work how you want it, and I haven't read yet if there are add-on patches for 1.5 to fix bugs. Last I read, they are just wanting people to report bugs. I built a virtual win7 to run on my linux last weekend, I'm going to see if I can get the server to run on it as the video demand shouldn't be high as a server. This is all experimental of course because my real motive is to eventually ditch windows for good. So far I must of spent a couple of thousand to play this game..... no stopping now lol.
  9. Looks good.... don't forget the comm towers :).
  10. Hi Mirknir, probably there's not much I can do from this end, but if there is anything that might help that I could do, don't hesitate to ask. Free.
  11. FYI in case you aren't aware, server is down. Are you getting that storm back there now?
  12. Ty for the new challenges. Will there still be that gap between the red and blue zones that are free from groundfire? Your maps continue to evolve and get better. Thanks for your hard work and time towards this. I have messed around with building a small map off and on over the last 2 months and I have a pretty good idea of the amount of work you have done to get this map to this level. Its a huge amount of work !!! Thanks again, Free.
  13. I got on the new map last night and again Mir, you have outdone yourself. You did a great job with this new map, and its turned into another well done upgrade . Thats what keeps the sim interesting, and keeps us coming back. The AI's attitudes have changed a bit too it seems and my nemesis 'the convoy' is getting meaner I think. Either that or my age is showing lol. Thanks for the game.
  14. As a regular on Open Conflict, I'd just like to say kudo's to you Mirknir, you have done a great job with the server. It has everything that a virtual pilot, whether a novice, or experienced, needs to have a great night of fun. I learn something new here everytime I play. Thanks for all your tips and patience over the last few months. My suicide rate has gone way down :) and I actually am understanding how the aircrafts systems work and how to use them properly.
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