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  1. Hi. I am on the market for a new laptop and the budget is under $600. which do you recommend? https://pc4u.org/best-gaming-laptop-under-600-dollars/ Thanks
  2. Look at here http://cvc2.org/best-gaming-laptop/
  3. if you are buying new CPU, look at this article http://pc4u.org/best-cpu-buying-guide/
  4. How about these http://thedigitalcamera.net/best-monitor-for-photo-editing-and-photography/
  5. Dell's monitors are often recommended and wall mount nicely. Here
  6. I don't have any specific recommendations but I like my Dell UltraSharp 24'
  7. Agreed with the Samsung evo, heard lots of good reviews of it
  8. I recently bought a BenQ in one pc, it's awesome, have a quick look here for the suggestions http://pc4u.org/best-gaming-monitor/
  9. I'm a fan of lenovo, Lenovo G50 is a good choice for gamers , you can check the specs, and it'snot expensive
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