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  1. 1. Aim-9M x 2 2. TGP 3. AGM-65G or AGM-65D x 2 4. GBU-54 or APKWS 5. GBU-54 or CBU-105 6. Empty 7. GBU-54 or CBU-105 8. GBU-54 or APKWS 9. AGM-65G or AGM-65D x 2 10. APKWS 11. AIM-9Mx2 1150 CM 30mm Typically run lighter loadouts for the better performance, only take the dual rack mavericks and cbu-105s for a heavy target area. the triple mavericks are unrealistic for the a-10. Also makes me use the gun more often which is an absolute blast
  2. I havent seen them flashing but the reflections of the lights on the ground and other objects at night will flash.
  3. I have had an occasional bug where the interval and multi settings get bugged to -106 which prevents my bombs from dropping. I would make sure both are set to 1.
  4. having an issue with the DMT axis slew where everytime i slew the dmt, it jumps back to the VV instead of slewing on the ground. Also with the TGP i cant slew up or down, only left and right or diagonally despite having both axis bound correctly. I am using a t16000m with the throttle stick bound for slew.
  5. Believe it is most likely referring to the ground mapping mode, which isnt functional until ED realises the ground radar code with the hornet.
  6. Another neat feature is that you can use radar fixes to define the bx6-bx9 points for rb15s instead of inputting the coordinates for all of the points beforehand, learned this only a few days ago.
  7. +1 this video has some tpod footage showing the compass on it. it is also pretty badass
  8. Yeah, i had to manually edit the LUA file to set the mission as complete and then added the next mission in the sequence. Perhaps this is what the hotfix is for? Also noticed in mission 3 the AI wingmen have AS 34 Koroman missiles somehow too
  9. Remember seeing something in razbams changelog about fixing trim being tied to framerate. wonder if that issue is also present in the viggen?
  10. Believe the + variant can, but the n/a variant we have cant carry HARMS
  11. Doesnt mean it wont have the apkws, the whole point is that it can be used by almost any aircraft that can fit hydra 70s
  12. Wonder if we will ever get the Yak-52B, variant that could carry two S-5 Rocket pods. At Least it is something
  13. The Gun switch on the hotas is for a2a guns, while the gun osb button selects a2g guns, dont need to do both, also the gun switch will also switch between gun and sidearms if loaded.
  14. Protip: Setting the selector to TAKT and leaving it in output mode will show which stores on the aircraft are loaded (1) and which are empty (0)
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