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  1. Maybe after few weeks just like Mosquito.
  2. SFP2 not fired after fired S24's yesterday.
  3. Are you using pedals or just keyboard ? Having the same issue.
  4. Maybe huey but its kinda difficult and doesn't have autopilot, maybe Hind?
  5. Yeah Hind has some weird issues, i noticed them too.
  6. Looks like Mi 24 is most demanding module in the game, even beats the F14 for that. Had to disable MSAA and finally no more 30's FPS.
  7. Oh ok i forget it, just like the Mi8 thanks.
  8. Well looks like we have only presets, there is Jadro but i couldn't find its trigger button.
  9. Was the target moving? You must depress every time enemy moves so you will update coordinates manually. Dont know why its not updating automaticly.
  10. current internal sound is feeling much better now, generator sound was too loud before. But external sounds is not so good.
  11. Get closer, carrier is usually can be seen in 40 miles.
  12. Why i can't get this thing working properly ? It shows the area so bad.
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