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  1. The GR will get you in the ballpark. The pilots I’ve talked to say the GR is pretty useless for target acquisition. But they use it to get in the ballpark and then use TPOD to designate their targets.
  2. They’re heavy so if you can do without a lot of pilots I know prefer to not have one on.
  3. No reply for this? It would be very nice to have lines consistent with reality. They also float above the ground in VR.
  4. I have flown almost all of the missions of TGW in the Hornet. I’m currently on mission 8 or 9. The one after the C-17 Escort. The triggers for this campaign are simple time or fly over triggers due to it being a FC3 aircraft. They can’t do any cockpit switch triggers as there isn’t any. I usually do a stored alignment since I’m mimicking the F-15 very quick start up in FC3. It won’t break the triggers and I find that I usually have too much gas and need to dump some to get under weight limits. I have treated this as an air to air campaign so I copy the load out of the 15 and change out the 9Ms for 9Xs. It’s been super fun and I’m glad this campaign exists so I can focus on Air to Air BVR training. I also put in the radio freqs while I’m in the ME so I just need to change channels for AWACS. Unfortunately you can’t save anything so every time I fly a mission I have to manually switch everything, but it’s an FC3 campaign so it takes like 5 seconds. Enjoy
  5. It’s night time. It’s supposed to be dark. I’ve been flying this in the Hornet and so far this is the only night mission I’ve had. Use that radar or use NVGs. I don’t like using NVGs for anything but ground attacks. But that is just me. As mentioned above, use that RADAR! Think of this mission as a great way to practice and improve your skills in BVR.
  6. There is away to do this with the menus in the A-10 cockpit. It has been a long time since I’ve flown her so I can’t remember. You just need to know what the other A-10 is using. I’ve been in the 476th for almost a decade and all flights were single ships in the ME but we would enter in group ID/own ID to form the flight in game. I would get with Stuka, Snoopy, or any of the other A-10 guys in the 476th to show you what I mean.
  7. Just did the first mission and I enjoyed it. I do have a suggestion. Most Marine squadrons that I worked with had the lightning pod on the centerline not station 4. My suggestion would be to put the pod on station 5 or go double ugly if your going to use station 4 for the POD. This way you have more time that it’s unmasked. Keep up the good work. This campaign is very immersive.
  8. Can we get a female WSO. Not a lot of female voices in the game.
  9. At Nellis the taxi lines are way too wide. I’m sure there’s more places besides Nellis but I really only ever fly out of there. Is there anything that you can do to make them correct. Thanks
  10. I’ve tried to see if anyone has reported this but it looks like no one has. After running the FCS bit there seems to be a bug. On the first BIT test I hit the FCS BIT switch and PB4 on the BIT page like I’m supposed to. After that I can start the BIT by just hitting the FCS BIT switch alone, or hitting both again regardless of being on the correct screen on the DDI. This should not be happening. You need to hit both and be on the correct page.
  11. I actually don’t like this idea. The PC would have set up the switches for the pilot before they got their. So what your saying is the PC was bad? Lol! Really though the pilots I dealt with mostly just checked the fire lights (I was a PC on Hornets) before start up with a quick glance everywhere else. Cockpit set up was the PC job lol.
  12. AMEDooley


    100% a lot. I don’t think Oki would be doable, but parts of main land, Iwakuni area, might be doable.
  13. AMEDooley


    I would love this as long as it included Japan with Okinawa. Did all my deployments to Japan and would love to be able to fly out of there.
  14. It will be released to the stable version once all the testing has been completed on the open beta. It’s usually a few weeks after an open beta patch before they update the Stable version.
  15. It hasn’t been released on stable yet. Only on the open beta.
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