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  1. Does anyone know what is the lua file that allows to change the range of the SAMs threats in the SA, if this is possible? Thank you.
  2. Well, if it is not modeled, then ED it could have been avoided to incorporate a realistic ECM that blocks the radar and that is why in the real life the pilots do not go alone but in groups supporting each other ... But I am hopeful that ED have done so. Let's see what Bignewy says ...
  3. In real life the AN/ALQ-162 automatically scans for threat signals, identifies threat, and generates countermeasures, providing automatic radar jamming that invalidate the launch and tracking of enemy radars, therefore "blinds" the SAM to any target it wants to acquire, not only the plane that carries the pod. This is that I don't know if ED has modeled it correctly.
  4. It is correct that the jammer blanks the radar, so, in real life, one activates the jammer and another fires (shooter-cover). The shooter is protected by the ECM of his partner ... Bignewy, did you take that into account in the simulator? ECM protects more than one flight? Thanks .
  5. I'm glad it helped you. The edited lua is loaded only once with the JSGME, with the flares and chaff configuration that I like the most, and I already forgot to configure anything in the cockpit.
  6. It is about if someone knows where the lua files are located that allow editing different aspects of the F18 systems, in order not to waste time in the cockpit, that is, simulate the loading of a cartridge by editing a lua file that allows me to permanently leave the systems to my liking. I have already found the lua that allows me to configure the countermeasures, so that I can perfectly enter each flight with the configuration that I like, and if it helps you, tell you that in the panic button I have configured to eject a single flare (since we will never release them all, which is what it has by default), allowing me in the fence-in to check that I have the countermeasures system perfectly activated by means of the release test of a single flare. The path where the lua file is located is DCS\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\TEWS\device\CMDS_ALE47.lua But instead I can't find other luas, like for example the helmet mode (JHMCS). Does anyone know the file that should be edited, so that in the cockpit the helmet mode shows the values ​​that I like without having to enter the HMD page and modify them? It is therefore a matter of finding luas that allow us to configure systems that we repeatedly use on each flight, and that we must modify each time in the cabin, so that they are collected in this thread for use by all of us. Thanks a lot.
  7. I use it, but flying in offline and without awacs, the red hostile marking appears within 10 miles.
  8. Perfect, well understood. Thank you very much for the complete explanation.
  9. Thanks a lot, QuiGon. Because those two sensors that you indicate are necessary, do you mean sensors from different planes even if they are the same, for example two IFF from two F18? No NCTR, both IFF. Or ​should it always be two different sensors, one an IFF, and the other, from the same plane or another, a NCTR? ​ Thank you very much again.
  10. Is it normal that the IFF interrogation does not show hostile until I am within 10 miles? Impossible to do a BVR combat properly ... Could it be a bug that is going unnoticed because we all use the Awacs?? Of course LTWS and everything are activated by default.
  11. Just to confirm that in CAT III there is the same random error as in CAT I when Marshall confuses your number with that of another flight and logically assigns the same stack altitude to both!! This module is not "flyable" in Multiplayer, and I am reluctant to use third-party scripts. I look forward to the moment when the SC goes to release, or at least It get an update, with not only briefing rooms and other cosmetic additions because the main essence of the SC should be their communications, and so on it is exposed in its manual. In fact, I bought it hoping that one day what the product would be manifested in relation to its comms will be fulfilled, and also some "puppets" that move. At least this second is already well done.
  12. Communications have many bugs and programming yet to be developed. If for example you had made a bolter, the menu would show you "Inbound" again. But if you follow the missed aproach circuit and rejoin again the ICLS, the LSO keeps giving you instructions .... Incongruent. Try with another mission. Perhaps yours is a specific failure that will not reproduce again ...
  13. 75th-VFS-Striker is right. The warhead of a Harpoon is almost twice that of a Maverick, but its lethality is practically the same or event less (!??). Surely there must be an explanation, but after so long it is hard for me to understand that new weapons continue to be developed but instead the existing ones are not corrected... It is not classified information, it is pure logic, more warhead, more damage ...
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