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  1. Ok, I figured it out. An NVG mod I was using was causing the crash.
  2. Hi guys, Since the latest patch, DCS Open Beta, every time I turn on my NVGs I get a CTD. I can't pull a track file, but I have the crash log. dcs.log-20220331-103830.zip
  3. Bump. Any update on this? Would be damn useful when other player aircraft are passing you DD MM.mmm lat/long coordinates they are reading off their TPOD.
  4. I notice that for DCS: Harrier that the lat/long format when you are punching in coordinates into the UFC that format is degrees, minutes and seconds. However, looking at real world reference material like the NFM-000 the correct format appears to be degrees, minutes and decimal-minutes. I also note that ED has already changed the DCS Hornet to this format as well. This more than just a nitpick. It also has practical application because all the TPODs in DCS display lat/long in this format and having to convert seconds into decimal-minutes when receiving coordinates is a real pain in the neck. EDIT: Just for clarification, the degrees, minutes and decimal-minutes format for lat/long appears at Figure 23-21 in NFM-000. There are also references to it at 1-254 and 1-258 in TAC-000.
  5. Anybody from outside of the NA have any luck getting the smaller plate for the Warthog Stick? I'm based in Australia and the part is not on the website for us. I have just sent an email to Wheelpro about it. I'll see what they say. Edit/update: Wheelpro guys got back to me and sold me the part via a manual PayPal transaction.
  6. Yep, confirm that was it - put the elevation in and it worked perfectly. I got confused because the Harrier INS seems to know the elevation of every piece of terrain in DCS and you never need to punch in elevation
  7. That is probably it. I was punching in a precise Grid for the WP on the HSI/UFC but did not input the elevation. I'll give it a go when I get back home from work.
  8. I am noticing if I WPDSEG a WP (even a precise one) the tpod doesn't slew perfectly to the point and is drifting i.e it is not ground stabilised. Meanwhile if I WPDSEG a MK point the tpod slews to the exact point and is ground stabilised. Is this correct behaviour?
  9. Check out this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-mi-24p-hind/284838-soviet-russian-attack-helicopter-tactics-for-the-hind
  10. Well, as a child I recall playing a certain helicopter sim from 1996/1998 that modeled a MI-24V and the 12,7 mm turret gun was very useful in dealing with infantry and pop-up threats during ingress and egress to/from the objective, without having to alter the aircraft's course. :)
  11. Has anyone found any good documents or books describing how Hinds operate tactically-speaking? My limited experience it is not as easy as finding tactics for BLUFOR aircraft.
  12. @bkthunder Would you consider adding this to the bugtracker? Incorrect AFC and Altitude Hold implementation: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=275178
  13. I note that the AFC and Altitude Hold system appears to be incorrectly implemented in this module. The real AV-8B flight manual states the pilot can adjust the AFC (autopilot) in two ways:- 1. With stick movements up to 1 pound of force; and 2. By 'clicking' the manual trim i.e. using the trim hat. Currently in DCS you can only adjust the autopilot with the trim hat. When making small stick movements in AFC mode, nothing happens. If you make too big a stick movement the AFC disengages. The AFC rules of the DCS Harrier appears to be similar to the autopilot rules of the DCS M2000C. This is an issue because the Harrier does not have an equivalent to the Mirage's Autopilot Standby through which you make autopilot adjustments with the stick. In conclusion, in order properly implement the AFC system in the Harrier, the ability to make adjustments with small movements of the stick up to 1 pound of force needs to be added.
  14. I have noticed the same bug. Quite annoying because I like to use the sun visor for immersion.
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