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  1. I haven't noticed this before so I am not entirely sure it is different now but I tried the Instant Action cold start mission last night and didn't hear anything except the usual wind noise. I turned up the volume up all the way while cold on the ground and moved the camera far away and back in close with F2 view. I did not notice any change in sound.
  2. When flying Mission 13, I was watching the HARMs fly toward their target and it seemed each one (or most) got shot down by the SAMs before reaching their target. I did not get the expected message that the SAMs were destroyed, and Chevy 02 did not commence their run. Upon inspecting the Tornados (which were flying back to the east), I noticed that most Tornados were still carrying 1 or even 2 HARMs. Only a single aircraft had fired both of its missiles. This is probably why they did not succeed at their mission. I could not upload the track directly to the forums as it is too large, so please download it from my Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gZPIOiQqZS_DGBk6Bc5qykTvRo1I5EM7/view?usp=sharing
  3. Big-foot

    About Mirage F1

    @QuiGonI remember reading on this forum that the EE version should have a proper attack and nav system, likely INS and/or Doppler-based. The EE will also be the first version with a refueling probe. The BE will probably just be a CE but with no cannon, less internal fuel and a second cockpit. The F1M will probably be a modernized EE (with probe) but I am not sure about that.
  4. Thanks for the update Razbam! Looking forward to flying an even more realistic Mirage 2000. Incredible how such an old module has grown from an incomplete module to the best fighter jet simulation and keeps getting better!
  5. The 3600 MHz on the package refers to the XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) that the RAM ships with. It is some sort of overclock profile (speed, timings and voltages) that the RAM manufacturer guarantees is stable. You need to enable XMP in your BIOS and then the speeds, timings and voltages will be set according to what the memory manufacturer specifies. If you only set the speed yourself, but not the timings and voltages, you will get an unstable system. It is possible to enable XMP and still have an unstable system, because even though the RAM is good at those speeds, the memory controller in your motherboard or CPU might not be able to handle them. Look up what your specific CPU and motherboard guarantee in terms of memory speeds. Usually 3600 MHz is not an issue, although I know that for example, Ryzen 5000 CPUs officially only guarantee support up to 3200 MHz. What you can do then, is to enable XMP but manually lower the speed to 3200 MHz. With all other things (timings and voltages) equal, the RAM should still be stable at lower speeds, so you can match it to the spec of your CPU or motherboard. I discovered this myself when my 4000MHz CL18 RAM would cause crashes on the XMP. Lowering the clock speed to 3600 MHz solved it for me on a Ryzen 5 5600X Succes man, en goede vlucht!
  6. If multicrew works, even within the limits mentioned in the known issues, this is HUGE news for the DCS Gazelle community. I have been looking forward to sharing the cockpit with a friend while hunting tanks in a light helicopter for years now. Let's go!
  7. I agree, it would be awesome to see some AI A-6E or KA-6D dev news!
  8. Thanks for fixing it!! I don't know about mission 7, never tried it. I am away from my pc for a few days now and had previously taken a break from the campaign after encountering this bug and the one in mission 4.
  9. Dear @baltic_dragon , I really love your campaigns and would like to continue this one. I know DCS changes and the AI make it very difficult to maintain these complex campaigns, and I understand they break sometimes and it can take a lot of time and effort to figure out the fixes, and it's unclear if you should work around or ED should fix the changed AI stuff. However, it requires quite some training and getting used to the SOP to start or continue the campaign and I'd really like to finish it now. Last time I tried was a year or so ago and I gave up because the Mirage was bugged back then. Could you tell me a date or DCS version when it was good to play the campaign? Before the AI bugs appeared. The Mirage has been in a good state for a few months now so if I have to roll back a bit to enjoy the campaign, I would gladly do so.
  10. I just had the same thing happen to me. Just like mission 4, take off of the other packages was delayed a lot. To give them time to catch up, I flew a little circle orbit, one circle on attitude hold autopilot. Got a few radio calls that seemed to be out of order and in the AO, the next trigger after F-14 spikes did not trigger. Nothing happened, no F10 menu option or whatever, despite checking I was on package and main freqs.
  11. On further review, this seems closer to the issue I have. @Tiramisu if you want to continue the campaign, I recommend skipping the mission from the campaign menu, then selecting mission 5, then fly.
  12. EDIT: original below but on second thought, my issue is closer to the one reported in the other topic about mission 4. I have the same problem in mission 4. Unfortunately did not grab a .trk file but the first time we were still orbiting after I commanded Monster to attack, and, probably due to late takeoff, the Tornados then started going to refuel one by one, none attacked. The second time I tried the mission, I decided to skip it after noticing that once again the flights were all holding short, minutes after I took off. Mission 5 was amazing and went without a hitch, flights took off quickly after me so.
  13. For me, in VR on latest release (same as Open Beta at the moment, both mouse wheel and click and drag only increase the rho/theta VAD values when using the VAD knob. I was fiddling with this during the first mission of the Red Flag campaign, had to spend half the mission heads-down scrolling to 1000 :( Is this bug still known and tracked?
  14. Thanks for your quick and extensive reply! The multi-crew plan sounds solid, and you are certainly doing a great job managing the community! Bedankt! Ook voor de rest van het Polychop team
  15. Hi Polychop, First of all, thanks for working on the Gazelle! I recently re-discovered it after having decided to wait until it is in a more finished state. I love the way the Gazelle looks and feels now, and am enjoying the campaign! But I would like to ask 2 things: is a rework/fix of multicrew functionality on your radar? What is the priority? I understand multiplayer synchronization is a difficult feature to implement properly, but it is the thing that would most increase my enjoyment of the Gazelle and that of some of my friends. I know it is not an easy task by any means and don't expect it to be done soon, but would greatly appreciate to hear what your plans are on multicrew fixes and/or reworks. The second question is: how do we track the status of bugs? Is there a subforum or a public bug tracker so I can see if what I am experiencing is known to you or not? This would greatly reduce the need for lots of messages in this thread, and give us more confidence in the module.
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