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  1. I appreciate the hornet updates, it is really starting to shine. One critique on the gun: the sound inside the cockpit is still not accurate. Should be louder, and raspier, even with helmet on. Thanks.
  2. Can’t seem to find an option to remove that darn thing.. besides it being quite distracting it kills the immersion. At least for me.. but so far the carrier looks great! And very happy the real ball works well and appears as it should. Hopefully an option to remove that thing will show up soon.. for some it’s like having labels on which may make up for difficulty spotting aircraft but kills immersion. Just my opinion not trying to argue with anybody..
  3. I’m sure it will be.. cant imagine they’d force a blatantly unrealistic feature on people in this community. I also would hope the actual ball is fully functional on release. I found it slightly disturbing that one of the most iconic aspects of carrier landings hasn’t been working in these prerelease videos.. but I’m sure they fixed it. everybody is entitled to their own opinions but for me if there is no real ball at release I’ll still be landing on the old carrier until there is one. I’m sure some people will love the new feature though. With a reverb I’d say the current ball is nearly perfect in terms of a realistic difficulty acquiring it approaching the groove.
  4. I am just slightly embarrassed to have convinced several friends and family to purchase this module already. They bought it the day before it was supposedly going to be released.. the first time. They are fairly new to the game and had no idea there was a chance that we could be months later with their money gone and no product. Buyer beware, but this is not normal business by any means. I am a diehard fan and will wait it out, but they are losing future customers over some bizarre situations that you simply do not see in other successful businesses.
  5. One could also think an F/A-18F super hornet based on those criteria which would be my vote. Apache and a super hornet would be my preference..
  6. Well there goes the April part of the April-May timeframe haha.. I'll check back in June
  7. Just a heads up, the CAS page was not on the f18 roadmap though.
  8. Because the Lightening is not used for Navy F/A-18s.. ATFLIR is a must.
  9. A Day In The Life of the Hornet Module- I have thought about it in a new way and decided to share which missing features prevent a fulfilling experience for me in normal use: 1) No campaign- I load into the game and still only see the mini campaign which is a bit lacking, so I start it again and select the CAS mission 2) No data card entry- I load into the game and immediately fall behind timeline and takeoff late while having to setup systems that should already be done in settings. I have to select bypass on dispenser to save time from setting up programs airborne 3) No Az/El- On the way to the target area I don't have a key A/A page 4) No CAS Page/Grid Entry- You cannot use a JTAC in CAS in the F-18 because there is no way to enter the grid coordinates they provide. And then there is no CAS page to do it properly. 5) No ATFLIR- I don't bother using the Lightening Pod in these realistic missions for the same reason I do not use the F-15 off the aircraft carrier.. it is too far from reality to be fulfilling to some. 6) JHMCS A/G Designation- So I see the target and cannot designate it with the helmet and have to do it through the HUD. 7) Ground Effect- So I decide to do some low level flying and get sucked into the ground by reverse ground effect. 8) Tanking- So I RTB and decide to tank, but the hose dynamics are a bit clunky, and the external model of the S-3 itself is immersion detracting 9) ACLS- It is stormy and I am missing a key landing mode for Case III. ICLS works, but would be nice to do it right. 10) Excessive Pitch Up- So I bolter (of course) and the pitch up is so extreme it requires full forward stick to avoid overshooting altitude. I hope this helps bring a little attention to which features affect some basic gameplay. I still love the module and appreciate the detail that has gone into it thus far. Just trying to help you prioritize. Thanks!
  10. Let’s not forget CAS. Right now, I try to play missions (which came with F-18) with a JTAC and cannot input the grid coordinates that are given! And the JTAC only provides them in grid.. there is no grid entry (or CAS page). Definitely a critical feature to allow the aircraft to do anything resembling CAS.. should be in early access for a sure.
  11. Agreed that they should consider prioritizing ATFLIR. Taking a long time is ok if necessary.. but it is critical.
  12. Wags, I loved your updated roadmap. Very insightful and makes me think the remaining big items have not been forgotten. From my perspective, the ATFLIR, Aircraft Setup Options (mission data card entry for WPTS/SEQUENCES/COMMS/Expendables), and AZ/EL are the most critical missing items to be able to operate the aircraft tactically/ realistically. I would prefer these over additional more obscure weapons personally. Keep up the great work and I do not mind waiting for it, but please do not give up on the ATFLIR!
  13. I definitely thought comms were going to be implemented correctly with separate frequencies for different controlling agencies when I bought this as it was a major selling point. A bit surprised this is not the case.. even the tankers have a separate frequency in the game. I would have still bought the module regardless, but once again I feel a bit misled. Hopefully it will be implemented eventually. All that talk before about how ATC was really going to be implemented properly on the Supercarrier and then move to airbases.. we remember. Anyways I will stop kicking them while they are down. I am sure the module will still be incredible like all their other products and I am rooting for its success!
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