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  1. Three weird things are happening with the Aero I just started using. 1. Random camera issues. Despite using 3 lighthouses, the camera goes wild sometimes, completely throwing me out of the cockpit for several moments before slowly reeling me back in. Motion sickness ahoy! 2. Double mouse cursors the green/white cross used for flipping switches and pushing buttons are duplicated with one being much more opaque than the other. Strangest thing is that neither represents the true position of the cursor. The real cursor is somewhere between them. 3. Stuff randomly disappears. Occasionally, an asset or object will just randomly disappear for a few seconds, usually reappearing. This is especially frustrating when trying to dogfight or trying to obtain tally as I'm going into the merge only to see it suddenly appear out of nowhere or suddenly disappear, rendering me helpess before it reappears on my six. Is this normal? Feel like a lot of people would be talking about these problems if they were universal. Is it just my headset?
  2. For some reason, the horizon line on all my HMDs are crooked, just slightly. It's been happening on 2 different HMDs so it's not the HMDs themselves. This tilt is very apparent for Helmet mounted displays like the A10, FA18 and Apache. Where the right side is lower than the left when I look straight and level. Anyone know how to level it?
  3. I want to make a mission that has hundreds of units in order to try to make it feel like a living breathing world, but it seems to really hurt the frames. Is there a way to mitigate that? Is there a way to despawn units and does doing so reduce the workload?
  4. So I tried creating a night mission where the targets were mostly stationary. They were basically back ground temperature so the FLIR wouldn't pick up any heat signatures unless they were firing or moving. So what are the conditions nessesary for enough heat to be produced for the FLIR to pick it up? Is the engine being on while the vehicle is idle good enough? Is running the radar on a SA8 good enough? Is having a tank sit in the sun for several hours on a grass ground good enough?
  5. I just tested something and found out that flir will pick up units that are firing or has fired recently or have traveled. Which is realistic but it doesn't count idle on units as producing heat. Like a tank that's not moving but has its engine on. So yeah. Pretty realistic for idle off units to be basically impossible to pick up until you're about 2 miles from them. But as of now there doesn't seem to be a way to make units idle on, which would make their engine compartments hot enough to pick up on FLIR.
  6. Yeah, there's definitely something odd with the IR portion of FLIR. Water is hot for some reason and zoomed out, there's this weird background heat that's washing everything out despite it being nighttime.
  7. I want to set up triggers so that if a client apache is above 250 ft agl, a EW radar will activate. If the apache is below 250 ft agl, the EW radar is deactivated. Is there a way to do this with triggers?
  8. Jamming effects both recieving and emitting probably also need work?
  9. Is there a way to trigger something (like turning green states to red states) if players enter a zone with nav lights on? I'm trying to get enemy units to go from green states to red states if clients enter the AO with their nav lights on. (It's 2am and the nav lights would probably be spotted and ruin the surprise attack the mission is based around.)
  10. Would that be a good or bad thing? Edit: I mean like civilians walking and gathering around urbanized areas like cars do.
  11. Agreed. It's getting boring just plinking tanks while they sit there and take it. Not seeking cover or deploying countermeasures like smoke, or otherwise reacting appropriately on a logistical, strategic, tactical basis. Or even basic combat ability for that matter. AI bandits don't fight you, they cheat their flight models and fly predictably. That makes for a great sim that you can't fully enjoy. Like a racing sim that simulates down to the bolt but makes you race on go kart tracks.
  12. Something like this. Having AI reposition after firing, hide behind buildings or terrain from threats and otherwise being proactive in their operations and survival. And having an AI capable of doing that for all AI assets, not just human controlled.
  13. they could add a historical variant that would combat the F-4 heatblur is putting out. I guess that's the Mig-21 N?
  14. Got the brunner, but it doesn't look like the 21 has any force feedback. Or am I doing something wrong with the program?
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