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  1. I just updated to the latest version DCS Update 1. Prior to the update, I removed some english cockpit mods which I had previously installed using JSGME as to have a clean version for the update. After the update had completed, I opened JSGME to reinstall the english cockpit mods and noticed that Custom Controls folders for the UH-1H, TF-51D, P-51D and FW-190D9 had been added to the JSGME _MODS folder. All the folders contain default.lua files, except the UH-1H which contains a Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua file. I don't recall reading anything in the changelog regarding this. I have my JSGME Mods folder named "_MODS" to differentiate from the DCS 1.5 Mods folder in the main directory so I can't see the update installer mistakenly putting them in wrong folder unless by design. I don't think this is a problem per se, but I am interested in what is "Custom" with these .lua files and how they ended up in the JSGME folder. I haven't used any of the abovementioned modules except for the Huey so none of the other modules have had any controls set up. I would very much appreciate it if anyone could offer some enlightenment on the subject. :confused:
  2. I've just installed the A-10C module and all the single missions start in the auto shutdown sequence whether in the air or on the ground. I am using 1.5 Open beta updated to the latest version. Makes for some interesting emergency landing practice if airborne, but is not very conducive to a successful mission outcome! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. :thumbup: Also.....how the heck do you retract the boarding ladder once it's down?? :helpsmilie: EDIT: Got the answer to the boarding ladder question... AND... I think I will use Google search instead of the forum search function when trying to find answers to various questions! EDIT: Solved the auto shutdown problem.... I had a random button assigned while trying to work out the idle cut off on the power levers with X-55 Rhino. Might be time to drag the Warthog out of the cupboard!
  3. After I purchased this module, I couldn't download it from the DCS downloads section. I just seemed to go round in circles and gave the whole thing up as a bad idea. When I eventually started DCS and clicked on the Modules tab, a pop up appeared and asked if I would like to install the campaign. When I clicked yes, it downloaded and installed and automatically activated the module with the serial number. I didn't need the serial number that I copied to notepad from the confirmation email.
  4. Where can i find the "Command Prompt" procedures? I know it is here somewhere but have had no luck with the search function. Thanks in advance... Ah! found it!! Ok everyone!......back to work!
  5. Yep! The World can stop turning....so long as the fans don't!! :D
  6. I was doing the Target Practise mission last night and it was getting quite hot maneuvering this loaded helo around continuously to line up another shot. Seeing those motionless fan blades seemed to make it feel psychologically even hotter! :megalol:
  7. There are a few different mods to clean up the windscreens in the Downloads User Files section which are easy to apply. My ground crew have the windows sparkling clean and also applied Rainex! No need now the use the windscreen wipers any more because the water can't stick to the windscreen. :smilewink:
  8. All sorted!:) I just deleted the cyclic keypresses and used the arrow keys for the camera up, down, left and right. Now I can just give the up arrow key a couple of taps to centre the pipper and TrackIR works great. After the attack is over I just press Numpad 5 to return the view to standard. Works just as good as stashing a few Vodka bottles under the seat cushion to raise the height! :D EDIT: For those that may be unaware...you can completely remove any reference to the default function keypresses, e.g F9 Pause, F12 Recentre etc in the TrackIR 5.2 software and assign those functions directly to a button on your joystick/throttle. Saves any conflict with the Communication and Views keys and takes about 2 seconds to do.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm playing with the Mi-8 at the moment and also learning a bit about the Mission Editor so I may try to play with that particular mission as a learning experience and try to find where the problem is. It erks me for some reason not to be able to complete this mission before moving to the next. :cry:
  10. Thanks for that. If I can't find a button for standing up on the seat, I'll definitely take your advice and alter the profile although it works well for me at the moment except for trying to look through the gunsight.
  11. That maybe why there are three drivers up front plus an autopilot....so the boss fella can stand on the seat and line up the guns! On a serious note, I've been watching a few doco's on the Mi-8 and have come to appreciate what a incredibly reliable and versatile machine the Mi-8 is. :thumbup: EDIT: Although I had a chuckle when the old pilots commented about how bamboozled they were with the myriad of knobs and switches on the overhead panel when they first took delivery of the Hip! Having problems teaching old dogs new tricks, they were happy to say that the new pups in training were soon on top of the situation and taking it in their stride! I feel the old pilots pain! its quite daunting pressing F1 for the first time and panning around the cockpit!
  12. Yes my crew have no cushions. The poor flight engineers seat looks most uncomfortable! :noexpression: (1.5 Beta)
  13. If I cycle the mirrors, it retains the last image prior to cycling them off and not the original state before turning them on. Looks odd seeing the wrong image reflecting back. :( (1.5 Beta)
  14. I just reread the manual and yes it is fixed like you say. I also have TIR but I'm just using the clip so I don't have to use headphones, and it's not as responsive in the vertical plane. The manual states that the pilot has to raise his seat to use the sight so I guess I'll have a look for the keys to do that.:thumbup:
  15. Is the reflector sight position fixed or am I missing how to get it lower? Seems strange and unergonomic to have to get half out of your seat to view the pipper. In the real helicopter you would have to release your harness in order to aim if the sight is in this fixed position. Also the grenade launchers seem almost impossible to get a burst on the target with any consistency. Guns and rockets I can see an improvement each time I do the target practise mission, but the grenades seem like I may have to ask for some kind of Divine Intervention to get them on target once in a blue moon. :helpsmilie:
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