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    Mirage 2000 mechanic (in formation)
  1. Do you know if this mod is still available and working? Didn't found it Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I up this because, few years later, I still had the same question as lucky-hendrix and I found the answer, but it also bring another question about the hydraulic transfer system : If you turn off electrical ground power before cranking left engine, the HYD transfer pump will pressurise the COMB hyd. system from the FLT system. But if you don't turn off electrical gorund power, the HYD Transf. Pump wont work. It means this HYD transf. pump is not working under GPU ? Thanks EDIT : It's in the NATOPS : When ground power is on, no working hydraulic transfer pump, except if the ground crew make it running. I still wonder why this choice.
  3. Yep, I found that at some rotor pitch angles, the helo starts to oscillate in pitch
  4. +1, please ED, this is pretty much a no-go for non-trackIR/VR users. It's a very important binding to have on the middle mouse button. Thanks.
  5. ''how about a command to have Jester change / cycle through TWS priority numbers... hook and reprioritize, basically'' I agree, we need this !
  6. Is there any possibility to have this as keybinds for pilot ? It's quite important in combat in my opinion
  7. CBenson89 ''something simple that you can forget to do that renders the radar useless?'' WCS left in STBY position ? :shifty:
  8. I can confirm the radar is completely screwed. Completely. Sorry to say this but it's really disapointing. I've made a bug report on the radar picking a target on the ground when pressing the Undesignate/NWS button, even if the contact was on my six. I just made another flight right now, with Mk-83s and Mavs, when trying to boresight my TGP, I pressed many buttons cause I don't master the Hornet, and my radar locked a contact 163°left, unable to break the lock. Even worse, the radar operation knob was on STBY...
  9. OK, thanks, it's what i thought. But the Undesignate/NWS locking a target and radar being able to keep track when the locked target is on my 6, how is this possible ?
  10. Hi guys, I think i found some problems. First : is the radar supposed to be emiting on the ground by just setting the RADAR knob on OPR ? I doubt about this, major risks for ground crew. I took a look into the manual provided by ED it says ''OPR. Commands RADAR to full operation if all safety interlocks have been satisfied and initial warm-up time is complete.''. So no clear information about the radar being active on the ground without any kind of ''test'' or ''maintenance'' mode/procedure. But the main default is here : after a combat sortie with -88C and -154, I landed at kish, and when i needed it, i pressed the ''Undesignate/Nose Wheel Steering'' button on the stick to activate NWS. My radar was still on OPR, master arm off, nav mode. what happened is that the radar locked a target in the air like if I was in TWS. I had all the A/A HUD symbology, same on the DDI (see screenshots). Most importantly ! when I first activated the Undesignate /NWS button, the aircraft locked by the radar was in front of me. After i left the runway, i turned 180° but my radar was still able to lock the target, and even shown me that the target was 173° left (so clearly behind me). I don't remember if I activated the datalink for this sortie, 90% of the time, i fly without the L-16. So, to summarize : -Radar emiting and locking a target on the ground. Intended behaviour or bug ? -Radar locking a target on the ground when pressing the Undesignate/NWS button -Radar able to keep track of the locked target even when it's outside of its scan capabilities. I have been able to reproduce it with an airplane on a runway and 3 awacs at different altitude in the air.
  11. Thanks for the new classic blue/red option ! Sincerly appreciate it ! thanks for your work !
  12. Hi, thanks for your work. There is a thing I don't really like with this mission, it's the fact that blue aircrafts like -18, -14B, 2000C etc, are spawning as red. Is there a way for us to change this and stick with only MiGs/Sukhois as REDFOR ? Thanks
  13. I play both single player and multiplayer (PVE mostly though), and I play Pilot and RIO in the F-14, I also think jester is doing quite good ! My recommendation is F-14, the F-18, let it mature a little bit more
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