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  1. Hello.. I want to ask. I am a new user of F18 and Supercarrier. I would like to buy your campaign, but I'm worried if it will be very demanding and frustrating I haven't flown night missions yet. AAR is still my nightmare Are these skills necessary to successfully campaign? Can I adjust the weather and day / night in the mission myself? What happens when my pilot is shot down and KIA? I repeat the mission or the whole campaign ?
  2. Yes .. and Santa Claus wears presents through the chimney..
  3. and maybe we'll see a new one liveries :D
  4. Your request will be denied. You will probably get an answer .. The DCS version (2007) did not have AIM7. Old song ..
  5. Mira73


    Simple question = simple answer . No.
  6. No bug Edit : pls delete
  7. Yes, everything looked a little different in the TWS video
  8. I know which source you mean :) I'm sorry, but I think this isn't true. For IFF interrogation, used the UHV / VHF / IFF transmit button in the throttle.
  9. If you have FCR SOI in CRM or ACM mode, pressing TMS left has this function = expanded data (RCR) is commended on the bugged target. What exactly does that mean ?
  10. Yes..NWS / Missle Step long is to switch between AIM120 and AIM9. Unfortunately, it doesn't work here. I hope for an early fix.
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