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  1. Found two issues related to how the AH-64 displays wind information. Firstly, on the TSD, the wind information displayed is meteorological wind direction, not aviation wind direction (as found in METARS). In other words, it is reporting the direction towards which the wind is blowing rather than where the wind is coming FROM. I don't know if this is how the AH-64 really does it, but no other aviation source that I know of does. Secondly, The PERF screen also has a wind display, and it disagrees with the one on the TSD by about 40 degrees. It would appear as if the TSD report is the correct one, so I'm not sure where this one is coming from. Please see the attached screenshot.
  2. I noticed that if you start the engines with ground power on, the generators also don’t start. Is this expected behavior as well where the reset is needed, or possibly a bug?
  3. I'm sad to report that this is still occuring without Volanta installed or running. dcs.log KaiGir's Georgian Privates 20210417-20210419-213858.trk
  4. Hi, Yeah, will do further testing this evening. Have removed the call to the Volanta lua script, and will see if that solves the issue. If so, it's really a bug for Orbx to solve in Volanta.
  5. This bug has occurred to myself and friend of mine multiple times in the viper. It may have occurred once in the F-18 as well. The crash occurs after landing and re-fuel/re-arm. The re-arm completes succesfully, but upon advancing the throttle to begin moving again, the game instantly crashes to desktop. Loadout of the aircraft was 2 x wing tanks, 5 x Aim-120C5, 1 x AIM-9x on station 3. Unfortunately, due to the CTD, I'm pretty sure the trackfile didn't get saved. I'm attaching one that MIGHT correspond to a session where this occured, but it seems too small. Uploading DCS log as well. Possible hypothesis: Something to do with Volanta's plugin being installed, but volanta not running? Kai's Syrian Privates 1A 20210418-20210418-204437.trk dcs.log
  6. Thanks Czizh! Spartan: DCS has been around for many years before you apparently just discovered it last month. This bug is new, and it clearly is going to have a short life. Perhaps save your sanctimony for something else?
  7. Noticed this on a Persian Gulf Instant Action Cold and Dark Start. After the flight, I pulled into parking and shutdown the viper. However, exhaust continued to spew from the engine. I don't have a track, as it was single player and I forgot to save it, but I do have video evidence.
  8. It was a cold start in the instant action cold and dark. I attached a track a few posts down already. Let me know if the link is not working. I'll give this a try on Caucasus and Nevada and see if it is indeed a PG thing.
  9. Here's a short track Here's a short track. Notice that de-arming and re-arming moves both the horizon line and the gun cross. Only the gun cross should have moved. It does appear to still be *somewhat* tied to the horizon, but there's some correction value that is now wrong it seems. Track here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g6LMfJFqjCp7X6aGP5lJxbO3cGTL-pIn/view?usp=sharing
  10. Silly question: Where to tracks from instant action go? I'm used to multiplayer, but this was done in SP.
  11. New issue to the 2.5.6 patch: The HUD horizon line is not slaved/locked to the gyro/INS orientation information (I'm not sure which is the primary input for this IRL). Instead of being fixed to the actual horizon, it is affected by the weight and loading of the aircraft. Unlike the gun cross, which is a static indicator of the aircraft's nose position, the horizon line should be fixed to the actual horizon and corrected by gyro/INS inputs. It should not be affected by the position of the nose or weighting of the aircraft. (And it wasn't before this patch, nor is it affected this way in any other aircraft.) See attached image of the horizon line above the actual horizon. Also see youtube link where horizon position is corrected by adding 2 300 gal tanks. (Tanks are added at 4:22) (This should not affect the horizon position....) Thx
  12. Means the track is corrupted. Happens often with long tracks. It's basically unusable. Of course, that's not helpful when the issue doesn't always occur early in your play session... There must be some way for ED to fix the track system...
  13. Possible additional info: The guys on the 104th seem to have discovered a correlation between F16 and F18s being contributors to Link16 on the same side. They have separated them on their server, and the issue does not appear to occur any longer on that server. I can confirm that I did NOT have the issue on their server since they made that change. They seem to also be of the impression that ED is aware of that discovery. It definitely still occurs 100% of the time of the Through the Inferno servers. It seems that an AWACS must be present as well. On the aerobatics server where there is no global datalink donor, I don't believe I've seen the issue.
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