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  1. Oh, sorry I didn't read the reply! it was in Uckulan FARP (Pak 4) :thumbup:
  2. Hey guys I just noticed the troops in the farps (which I think are a great idea) sometimes spawn on forests and can be really hard to find... what do you think about it?
  3. I think being able to spawn in closed airfields wouldn't add much and could be counterproductive but that's my personal opinion :thumbup:
  4. A few issues I'm having at the moment: - Online map/gadget is stuck - Same with the "-time" command in the server - The forward observer is really really bugged, it has never been so bugged before :thumbup:
  5. Guys it's not a matter of faction, having scouting + troops is just against what Blueflag is made for. As always Greg knows everything and will fix it :thumbup: BTW, blue guys why didn't you finish it? you captured all airfields and farps 4 hours ago!
  6. Please remove troops from the Gazelle, this is nonsense, it can capture airfields and farps alone. Bomber + Troops is too much, if no enemies are on the server one single Gazelle pilot can capture anything, then move a little bit, capture an other thing etc etc. Blueflag is supposed to be designed for teamwork, but this eliminates all teamwork: imagine if a KA-50 had troops, that would be nonsense as well.
  7. Uh oh, gonna see some Arcus33 action, blues better go offline :lol:
  8. Because there should be ai fighters, but with the last update they stay on the ground for some reason.
  9. Because I just destroyed the last remaining units at the airfield and a friendly mi-8 was landing with troops... it was a matter of seconds but I didn't want to risk being shot down by enemy CAP since I had none. And by the way in real life pilots are trained to land on roads etc why not in a neutral/abandoned airstrip?
  10. I noticed a bug on the lives count: if I land on a closed airfield, then the airfield gets captured by my team, and I takeoff, it takes away a life when I takeoff again!
  11. I have the exact same issue, frequencies don't show up when I log into the DCS server even though I'm connected to the SRS server and I see online clients
  12. Did you put the port as well? Btw I can connect, but all the radios stay off when I log into the server..
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