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  1. Do we nominate people here? And can we nominate an entire squad?
  2. Mental note. The next time Redfor complains about team balance, I am to show them this. Looks like I'll be busy helping Bluefor retake some bases when I get home tonight! :thumbup:
  3. It is a little annoying but then again quite humorous to see targets flying around the screen faster than the ISS does around the earth. The lag is real!
  4. I think Redfor made a complaint that I was too OP in GCI slot, so they removed it for balance. /sarcasm. :lol:
  5. Hey Gregzagk and Xcom, just a reminder that Vaziani is still bugged. F15 blue slots can load AMRAAMs. We had to let someone know on TS that it was forbidden earlier today after he shot 2/3 missiles. None of them resulted in a kill thankfully.
  6. And you joined the server again 4:20am EST and crashed everyone again.
  7. Indeed. When you have 20+ people discconnected from the server within 2 mins and then rejoin shortly after, it's not because of rage quit.
  8. I wonder if this was that secret meeting Redfor was talking about. 7 Redfor fighters inbound for Min Vody. There were 3 other pop-up targets already there. I thought we lost it for sure, but we still held. :thumbup:
  9. When Rangzar takes a slot, the whole map experiences lag and shortly have random amount of players disconnect from the server all within 5 seconds. Like batches of 10-15 players. I'm sure if the server admins look at the logs, they will see that clearly. This is why multiple people shouted out in chat in on TS to get off the server.
  10. Because every time Rangzar connects, it causes everyone else to lag and mass disconnect because he's warring the server with 500ms ping
  11. Rangzar has been warring the server with high latency multiple times. Latest being a few minutes from 12:11am EST (-5 GMT)
  12. Yes, hot mics are extremely annoying. I agree, some people need to understand less is more. Taking up the comms for 30secs to describe a hostile activity takes away from fighters coordinating the attack. I'm slowly learning how to be a better GCI round by round so that there are better engagements. Knowledge is an asset, but not a necessary requirement. I have very basic knowledge in DCS but if you ask any member on Bluefor who I have partnered with, they would tell you that my work is extremely helpful.
  13. I do think that Greg and Xcom should consider switching Redfor and Bluefor sides of the map for Round 6 and making no changes to the settings (except for bug fixes, like helo spawn issues.) It would be equivalent to sports where at the end of a quarter, period, etc. where sports teams change sides on the field of play as seen in soccer, football, hockey, etc. This would challenge the base positioning being harder/easier to defend.
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