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  1. Didn't realise there were so many things going on with the throttle! Surprised to not see a bright red pickle button. I thinking more so about what the actual function of each hat and button was.
  2. Wonder if anybody knows the HOTAS layout for the typhoon. Would be interesting to see the similarities and differences from the other modern jets we've got at the moment.
  3. Thats great thank you. Managed to get it working so for anybody else wondering, you can buddy lase with combined arms. Now i just need to figure out what i was doing wrong before.
  4. Yes you can set the laser code in combined arms through the binoculars when driving the vehicle. I must have been approaching it wrong. When I tried it, I couldn't actually find the laser spot from the combined arms player, the laser codes were both aligned too. Maybe the combined arms player was masked by something? What is the default laser code for the GBU12 on the AV-8B?
  5. Was wondering whether it was possible to buddy lase with another client using combined arms in the AV-8B. I attempted it a little earlier however I'm not sure I approached it right. Is it possible with the current version of the Harrier?
  6. Thank you very much for the reply.
  7. Does anybody know if the nozzle stop will be modelled? Couldn't seem to find anything mentioning it. It is shown in this documentary as the pilot sets it to 55 degrees before takeoff to prevent the nozzle lever moving any further https://youtu.be/WxzpKtbNKQ0?t=27m59s
  8. Operation Blue Flag Registration Squadron Name: 33rd 'Musket' Strike Group Active Members: 3 Pilot Callsigns: -33MSG- Duke, -33MSG- Timson, -33MSG- Morris RED Team all A-10C Thanks! :)
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