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  1. Yeah, I think this is the area I'd like to see Jester's next bit of development time go. If I'm in the back seat and I see a datalink contact at 30 miles at 1000ft, I'm going to get my radar slewed down to check him out, especially if the datalink contact says he's hostile. Right now, Jester doesn't seem to react to datalink contacts at all. They're for human reference only. Knowing that, for now I just need to treat Jester like a noobie back seater and micro manage him a bit more. Thank you all very much for your input. It saved me a lot of time experimenting!
  2. So, essentially, the player or a human can see the datalink contact, but Jester can't. Is that correct? The player must talk jester's radar onto a datalink contact via the menu commands?
  3. The biggest issue I have when flying the F-14, since its release, is with Jester and his frequent inability to TWS hook or hard lock targets inside about 20-30 miles, when I can plainly see them on datalink on the TID repeater in the front seat. This leaves a huge engagement gap until I can lock and engage targets myself with VSL or PAL. Obviously, against targets with fox 1 or fox 3 missiles, this is very frustrating. The most recent occurrence was trying to engage two J11s that took off about 30 miles from me. I was at 25,000. I turned to engage, could see them clearly on the TID repeater, but Jester wouldn't hook them with Phoenix selected and also wouldn't lock them. "Unable." "Uh, I can't do that." I held them on the nose until inside PAL range and Jester refused to either TWS or hard lock when STT was selected from the com menu. Am I the first person to notice this? Is there a Jester mechanic I'm not understanding?
  4. It seems to me from the evidence presented and the tenor of communication that the Heatblur team truly is committed to accurate simulation. Thank you for your passion, your patience, and your commitment to excellence, all in the face of much hard work. It is truly appreciated by every person who finds it.
  5. It's really cool to see this. I'm pleased Heatblur has taken this aircraft on. Considering how much I still enjoy the F-14, I'm really looking forward to experiencing their work on the F-4E.
  6. Figured it out. One way to find the wstype number for any ordnance is to make an empty mission in the mission editor and do the following: open up the warehouse of an airfield untick "unlimited munitions" set the "initial" weapon amount value for the weapon whose wstype you want to know to 999 (or any distinct and easily searchable number) save the mission find the mission in your username\saved games\DCS\missions folder change the file extension from mission.miz to mission.zip extract the zip to a folder in the new folder, use Notepad++ to open the "warehouse" file search for 999 (or whatever unique number you chose) The weapon wstype number you are looking for will be found after a 4 in brackets. The line will look like this: [4] = 272, Here, 272 is the wstype number for that specific weapon. The other bracketed numbers determine the object's categories, like airplane vs weapon, missile vs bomb, a2a vs a2g, etc. Those are explained at the start of the wsTypes.lua.
  7. I'm trying to learn how to change inventories at airbases in real time with triggers or player actions. I've noticed that the C-130 mod includes some cargo modules that reference wstypes for many weapons, which pointed me to wstypes.lua and agm65_family.lua. While several weapons have clear wstypes, for example the agm_65D with 4, 4, 8, 77, the specific number for that weapon being 77, I can't find specific weapon number entries for other weapons like the F and E/2 model Mavericks. Does anyone know where to find the numbers for weapons missing from those files, like the F and E/2 Mavericks, or how to calculate the weapon specific numbers myself so I can use them? I can't find anything searching with Notepad++ and google hasn't turned up anything either.
  8. I am getting the impression that there is some serious disagreement between the developers at ED about whether DCS is a simulation, requiring a strict dedication to accuracy, or a video game where "creative interpretation" is appropriate.
  9. That's actually really cool: it would be amazing for a jet with dual flying cockpits. Imagine getting irritated with your buddy who you know flies with an extended center stick in VR. Just ask him to check something small on the radar then yank the stick back smartly... >:)
  10. I have an update on this: someone made a directinput file that can be put in the DCS\bin folder which solves the issue completely without the negative performance side effects from using the autoexec line. I've been using this file for the past few months and it works very well. No negatives that I can detect.
  11. I may be mistaken. My understanding was the the E model could launch the A and B model Mavericks. Am I incorrect? Perhaps I'm thinking of the Bullpup MCLOS missile instead?
  12. I own nearly all the modules in DCS and the F-5E is still my favorite. It was very nice to see the over G stress added. I hope to see the RWR behavior corrected as well as the gyro drift. These are clearly broken and really detract from what is otherwise an excellent module. I'd also like to see the lead computing gunsight examined for accuracy of behavior, and we really should have some way to launch AGM-65Bs using the radar screen in picture mode- even if it's just a Razbam approach with some made up procedure crammed in to make it usable until the actual procedure can be discovered later.
  13. You've just saved my sanity. I thought I was the only one. I've been having a similar issue running liberation missions on a dedicated server instance (the separate install version), except I'm also playing on that server with a DCS client on the same machine, and my server instance is hard crashing and doesn't recover. I'm finding it crashes after 1-1.5 hours. I was running it with .5 economy and .5 starting money to try and cut down on the number of units. It still happened. No error msg, nothing in event viewer, nothing useful in the dcs.log. I've noticed that about 1+ hours in, something is causing many, many aircraft to take off. I counted at least 80 when the game had hung upon server crash. RAM usage was only 40%. So far I think either 1. Liberation is overwhelming the server with AI and too much active AI is causing the crash somehow. or 2. there's a unit doing something bad that's crashing the server, like the old crash caused by RPG troops damaging themselves with their RPG and that instacrashing DCS or the server the unit was on. It does seem like Liberation, or possibly an obscure unit used by Liberation, is the common denominator here.
  14. Is there a way to add modded aircraft to Liberation campaigns, or is that something that has to be coded into Liberation by the developers? I'm looking to try it out with the F-104G mod.
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