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  1. Thank you. I wrote down your wish. Hope to do it when all is well.
  2. Thank you very much for your words. It is very nice to see that the device I created has served faithfully for more than a year and brings pleasure to the owner. Unfortunately, as of today, due to the sanctions imposed against my country, I cannot accept payment for the device in any way known to me. If anyone has any ideas send me a PM. Thank you. Best regards, Mikhail (K-51)
  3. Написал в личку. Спасибо.
  4. Mans


    Написал на форуме, но продублирую здесь. Интересует РОШ, цена и сроки изготовления.

  5. Hi Tom, I have added you to the list. A little later I will write the details in a PM. Thanks.
  6. Hi Luigi, Thanks. Could it be otherwise.
  7. Hello, friends. There was a problem with the old profile in the new version of the VIRPIL program. I found an error and redid the profile. Why this happened I will find out. I'm attaching a new profile to the firmware to check and write if there are problems. Thanks. Collect_2_304.rar
  8. Hello, Thanks. I will send you a PM. Please enter your email address so I can find your email.
  9. Hi, I will try to solve this problem. It is more important to understand what will happen with the delivery.
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