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  1. Hi Andy, I sent you the information in a PM Mikhail
  2. First time I see this. Here is the STL model for you to rebuild. puff.STL
  3. Hello, Update the device firmware to the version on the VPC panel and reinstall the device profile. How to change the controller firmware and install the profile is described in the topic. Profiles can also be found there. First post.
  4. I will definitely return to it and plan to make several options for button blocks. For now, I want to finish one project.
  5. Give me some time, I will prepare everything and send you a PM. I had a development in this direction. I designed the throttle mechanism inside the handle. This is much more difficult to assemble, but doable. But unfortunately, I had to postpone it until better times, and with any outcome of the cases, the VIRPIL pens will not work. I no longer have VIRPIL electronics.
  6. This is what I suggest you do. Of course, if you haven't seen it yet. There's not much room inside.
  7. Yes, we have such a saying.))) No problem with sizes, I will provide you with what you need. It's not a secret. But before you plan to change the panel, remove the one that is worth it. Make sure that our desires can be realized. Write or send photos to PM
  8. Apparently, you will have to change the variable resistance. 16K1-B50K, L15KC, 50 кОм null
  9. This is also an option. Remove the device using Windows, and reconnect the USB so that the device is detected again. Yes, everything is correct, you need to reinstall the controller firmware, it is unnecessary to download and install the program.
  10. Unfortunately, sending mail from Russia to your country is suspended. I would send you another pen. We will solve problems with what we have. This behavior of the axis is not correct, and as I understand it happened recently. First, let's try to solve it programmatically. Reinstall the controller firmware or install the latest version. description of the procedure and profiles are on the first page of the topic. If this does not help, then something has happened to the contacts or the resistor itself and requires opening the panel. In this case, you need to check the contacts are intact or change the resistor. The button is similar, you need a physical check of the contacts (1). It is possible that there you need to slightly loosen the screw that holds the hat of the hut (2). It's better to open
  11. Very strange. The variable resistor is installed with a linear function, judging by the marking B. I'll check for myself. Write the exact name of the axis. As a recommendation, calibrate this axis.
  12. I accepted your wish. Thank you. But right now, I can't make any promises. When I have verified information, I will let you know.
  13. Thank you. I wrote down your wish. Hope to do it when all is well.
  14. Thank you very much for your words. It is very nice to see that the device I created has served faithfully for more than a year and brings pleasure to the owner. Unfortunately, as of today, due to the sanctions imposed against my country, I cannot accept payment for the device in any way known to me. If anyone has any ideas send me a PM. Thank you. Best regards, Mikhail (K-51)
  15. Написал в личку. Спасибо.
  16. Hi Tom, I have added you to the list. A little later I will write the details in a PM. Thanks.
  17. Hi Luigi, Thanks. Could it be otherwise.
  18. Hello, friends. There was a problem with the old profile in the new version of the VIRPIL program. I found an error and redid the profile. Why this happened I will find out. I'm attaching a new profile to the firmware to check and write if there are problems. Thanks. Collect_2_304.rar
  19. Hello, Thanks. I will send you a PM. Please enter your email address so I can find your email.
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