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  1. Hi . Just a quick one. The plan is to have the gun and fuel packs as options on this beast. Will have a look at the option of the F53 and come back to you. If you have additional info regarding the differences can you kindly om me?
  2. Hi all, Lately I have been having major issues with FPS issues. I would get a solid 40 for a few seconds and it would yoyo all the way down the 15 ever 3 seconds which is really annoying. Anyway, I found out Aida64 is the issue. I turned it off and BOOM, straight back to a solid 40fps. If you have it installed i recommend turning aida off while you fly in VR ! .:thumbup:
  3. Where did I state it was official , that's right I didn't I simply copied a part of Ron's message !!!!
  4. Hi , Hope you are well. apologies for chiming in, BUT the community complained you had no correspondence from Ron/ Razbam on an official level and now he shares some news/info you crucify him. Also you may wish to re-read the message from Ron as it states : It’s a studied decision from both parties that also involves a high degree of confidence from ED towards (in this particular case) us that we will continue support, bug fixing and adding features even those not mentioned in the description page
  5. Firstly don't tell me what to do. Like you I have a right to be here bud Secondly I left the role as I work a 60 hour week for my main job while looking after my kids and I couldn't do the role justice which is why I left so don't for one second state otherwise as you have no idea what your taking about ! Also. You may want to edit your post and remove the swear words ;)
  6. I don't work for razbam ! I'm freelance but of course you are the resident expert as always lol
  7. Grow up! As stated im free to have my own views just like you. If you don't like it then don't read it. I'm nothing to do with razbam anymore
  8. Hi. I left as I work a 60 hour week for my main job, look after 2 kids and had no time for the CM role. I wanted to focus on the texture side with the lightning.
  9. I'm no longer paid by razbam I'm freelance for a few devs now and can say what I like bud. All im saying is this community has a select few who always stoke the fire with fuel. You only have to look at their profile pages to see the 100's of posts targeting razbam with nothing but aggression
  10. Here's the thing ! As you have seen a few users here always troll Razbam with hate and seem to attack everything they do. Bkthunder and viper for example ! Then they expect razbam to interact with them , that's Not going to happen. You don't spit in someone's face and expect to be invited for a coffee. They chose to stick to discord and Facebook due to this Just saying !
  11. The ONLY helicopter being worked on for a while at razbam is the BO 105. And yes the -5 is not going to happen for a while due to two factors. 1 being the virus and security restrictions. And the other being the radar not being ready. My advice would be forget about the -5 for a few years
  12. Gatwick museum are doing a public startup of the EE they have on 3rd oct If your UK based you should pop down ;)
  13. AV/8B+ -prob 3 years away Mig-19S - not going to be soon its not a great plane tbh Mirage 2000-5 - when ED sorts out ground radar yes but again a few years off AMX - just needs coding and will be in the next 2 years Bronco- not in the pipline, was a tease and will be years Lightning - best plane - im doing the textures for this one, likely next year Canberra - is AI F-100 - just a tease, its NOT coming for many years ! Mirage 3,Super Etendard s- still not sure when but at first they are ai ! Strike Eagle in modelling stage and will be the next module Mig-23, with carlos and a year off Bo-105, this is not our module we will look at coding it when its modelled Ia-58- AI Sea Harrier, ai for Falklands then will be a module A-29 for the Ecuadorian air force and yes its coming to DCS. basically you are looking at these coming in stages before you all get your knickers in a twist ! F15sE, Tucano and mig 23 re the next planes coming from razbam. Then and only after the above are finished it will be :EE Lightning, Sea Harrier and the BO-105. The rest are way down the line. but hey i dont work for razbam and the above is my view not the official view or razbam
  14. Razbam did, i made it and guess what it got met with nothing but hostility on a weekly basis. no mater what was posted on it, someone will always complain. Same as everything else Razbam related. it doesn't matter what they do they get nothing but grief and everything posted gets twisted one way or another. Does Razbam modules still have bugs - YES but guess what so does every other module in DCS. they recently employed a new coder to help relieve the bugs and yet no one cared about that great news. I own every module in DCS and proud to do so. it means newer and better modules can be made in the future. No dev is perfect, hell ED has its issues and heatblur still havent given us the F14a or the carrier they promised. but you know what its OK .. we paid for a EA product. This is why i stepped down as the Razbam CM, this forum has turned toxic over the last 6 months and its got to STOP !
  15. Hi all, Just a note I have decided step down as the community manager at Razbam. Many reasons have led me to this decision, I will still be helping razbam in other areas but all community led questions please can you speak with Zues. His profile can be seen here : https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=90945 Thanks Decoy
  16. i have tested the vr in the mig using a Rift s, pimax 5k plus and HP Reverb and i getting a solid FPS. i will ask our testers to all check aswell
  17. Wow. What have I missed. Guys please refrain from hostility towards other members for not only sharing their views but also sharing truth. We have been updating the Mig and have just employed another coder to help with the existing bug lists. He is getting to grips with the platform before smashing the bug sections I hear you on the ADF and have told Zues to look at this right now. Again please play nice, oh and as a note Freefall57 does not work for Razabm :) We were all new here once so please show new users the same kindness you were shown when you joined:) THANK YOU
  18. New ones are out of stock. I checked
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174384189299
  20. Saw these on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174384199688
  21. Just to let you know our site is down do to a hosting outage, will be up again soon :thumbup:
  22. =DECOY=

    F-15E UFC poll

    Sure you all guessed it but Digital WON !
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