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  1. awesome thanks for your help on this one
  2. Hi guys, is there any way to get an AI plane I am flying with on a racetrack pattern to trigger through the radio menu an aerobatic manoeuvre while I am flying next to them? Cheers
  3. Cheers guys for the responses will just have to wait for this one to be implemented
  4. Hi Guys, not sure if this is possible... if I fly a sortie and then save the track file... is there a way to have that then inserted into a mission and then fly along with my track file? if so ....do the times and dates have to match perfectly?
  5. hi nighteyes2017 I have a more basic question if you may be able to help, im just trying to setup a training mission and want to use the X: cockpit argument in range function to bring up the "highlight" function around a switch to show my friend which buttons to click. So I have found the model view and how to load a cockpit model through the shapes folder. However the part you know "i know where find the argument numbers, values, device id etc" it cant seem to find. For example when I load in the TF51D cockpit the AUG drop down menu in model view just shows 0.00 for everything... how do I find a switch in the cockpit and have it tell me the correct position for the ME. for example in the F86 cold start one of the first lines under set rules for triggers is X: Cockpit arguments in range (22, 0.1, 1) which i think means 22 is the switch number and .1 is on and 1 is?? your help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi Guys, Just noticed bridge supports not reaching the ground on all bridges in the attached area. near 37.12.04N 36.42.42E Cheers
  7. Well don't know about auto, havent tried it yet however just did a quick mission dropping 82's using CCIP (for some manual challenge fun) and as you get closer to the ground the piper starts heading off to the right on a weird angle... so all my bombs were missing going to the left. This is with no wind a balanced CG plane... I've done it a hundred times and something is definitely off for sure
  8. Great thank you @flappie Ill do that and see how it goes Cheers
  9. Hi @Flappie thank you for spotting that.. Please see Export lua attached. Cheers :) Export.zip
  10. Hi All Not sure if this is anything of use, however I went to check my frames in Syria Map using left ctrl + scroll lock..then pressed it again to get a system overview and it showed it was using 0.00 video memory???? did a repair on the open beta and still the same... tried caucas and still the same.. then had the task manager running to see GPU usage and that was showing good usage.. so not sure why the difference? maybe nothing but thought I would mention it using 452.06 driver in VR 6700K at 4.0 with 1080ti rift S PD 1.4 in tray tool NOTE: slightly off topic I also put my terrain textures to low and got 15-20 frames back in Syria as well l
  11. Hi all Some in cockpit footage of RAAF FA18 display over Adelaide 500 V8 Super car races and some outside Enjoy
  12. How fortuitous, that this thread has just been started.. I just finished reading a book called "Flying Start" ... great book about a spitfire pilot that started in the UK Aux Squadrons (basically civilians).. flying battle of Britain.. then off to the desert.. then to malta.. then to italy and was promoted to I think group captain at the age of 23! He and his fellow pilots were tasked with how to attach bombs to the spitfire in italy and then work out how to drop them. As I was reading the book he mentioned the technique he used which is the following.. “I found that if I flew so that the target passed under my wing just outside the cannon mounting, then held my course until it reappeared aft of my wing, I would be in about the right position to begin my dive. The target would thus be a little to one side and very slightly behind. It was then necessary to turn the Spitfire over on to its back and let the nose drop through the vertical, using ailerons and elevators to position the red bead of the reflector sight on the target and hold it there. The angle of dive would be about twenty degrees off the vertical and this would be held from the starting height of about eight thousand feet to something under two thousand feet. At this point I would decrease the angle slightly to bring the bead ahead of the target, at the same time counting ‘One-and-two-and-three’, then press the button. No doubt the whole procedure sounds thoroughly Heath Robinson, but it worked. In due course I reached the stage where I was most dissatisfied if my bomb burst more than fifty yards from target–and a five hundred pound bomb exploding only fifty yards away can be rather more than an irritant. Usually I succeeded in doing much better than that" So i thought straight from the horses mouth.. I would try it in DCS and well... works really bloody well. After a while I found the aft wing part a bit hard to see the target... I was just making sure I was rolling in at 80 degrees down..(steep dive) with prop and manifold on idle... followed his instructions and I was getting really accurate. I then started at 6000ft as well... seemed to work just less time to line it up Let me know how you guys go, id be very interested to see if this works for you to.
  13. Not sure if this may help but have a look at this site https://vr4dcs.com
  14. Hi Wags, Not sure if this link helps https://xflight.de/pe_org_doc.htm Documents, plans and diagrams from the F-16 On this side you can find many plans, diagrams, checklists and drawings from the F-16. If you have good information for me over the F-16, please send me a Mail. Cockpit layouts from different F-16 versions Plans and drawings
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