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  1. So now I got this error "Server capacity may be limited at the moment. Please, try again later." And the second window in my update says "Waiting for update to complete..." and now I have an autoupdate_log.txt DCS Just started up and HEY! it's running 1.5.8... :/ I give up.
  2. Man, I don't know what to do. This is getting really dumb. I'm back to the 6271.5 MBytes section of this download again and getting the same damn problem. 22GB of 6.2GB right now............. My DL size has exceeded this download.
  3. "A bit off" lol. Ya, I can understand that, but I left it downloading at a similiar place last night when I went to sleep. Woke up today and there was no download, just the Update screen with a cancel button and some kind of error. I forgot to make a snip. I've deleted the "_download" folder and started this again. Right now my updated has a different UI: Torrenting the update files... Downloaded: 21% (3118.4 of 14149.3 MBytes) Peers :44, up: 0.6 MB/s, Down: 14.6
  4. I'm at 8242 of 6218.2 MBytes I had this issue yesterday, I'm just stuck downloading 2.5 and GB worth of unknown files, I don't know what to do. This is kinda dumb. Now I'm at 10 GB out of 6.2 GB......................
  5. Mod is live! (original post) Hi all! I've been playing DCS for a few years now, and as we all know, it has a long way to go. One of the things that really bug me about the older modules, MiG-21Bis and Ka-50 (I guess maybe A-10c too in some regards) is that the switches don't sound as heavy as they should. One of the things I really like about the F-5e is how they managed to make the switches "feel" heavy, with their sound and also their animations. The MiG-21's switches are quite weak feeling, which is funny because I recently saw a video of Lord Baldur sitting in a sawed off MiG-21MF (I think it was an MF) cockpit, and god, when I saw and heard those switches flip, it surprised me. So my request is, might someone please make a sound mod detailing the clicks and flips of at-least the MiG-21? I would do it myself but I don't have any editing/sound recording software and I've zero experience when it comes to modding. -------------------------------------- .......lol...3 minutes later I made a mod :3 I'll try to upload it to the userfiles once I find the sound I want to use, just using whatever DCS has as a replacement. Introducing Rich8's Switches sound mod! Will link when the download goes active. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2880957/?sphrase_id=7923907 Inspiration; [update] Alright, I've got it all set, it's on the user files, I guess I'm just waiting for the mod to go active and allowed to be downloaded. I'll link when it's up. [update 9/12/17] I've added in sound completely new to DCS World this time, credit is in the readme.txt
  6. Dude...I love you. You don't know how long I've looked for a mod like this... IT'S SO FRESH LOOKING!!!!!!!!!
  7. Any chance of getting some kind of port or an independent F-5e campaign for the Caucasus map? Not everyone has NTTR :(
  8. Please switch me to Red! Gypsy 2-1 [TWB] Rich8
  9. Alrighty, I'm good to go now, thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I'm aware that a few weeks ago there was a switch in the key system for DCS module keys. I wasn't really playing DCS at the time due to the school semester that much but my friend told me (he uses standalone) to uncheck the MiG 21 from my installed list until the update comes out and then re-check it. Now I just bought the mirage and when I start DCS I get this error message for the mig 21 stating the following; "Unable to run the application due to integrity fault of the Activation Key. Re-enter a valid Activation Key or re-activate the application. If the error recurs, click "Error report" and send the report to product technical support." When I click "Retry" I see my key and click next for the Activation but I'm yet again presented with the aformentioned error. My friend on the standalone version said he had to go somewhere and delete something. Anyone have any info for this issue?
  11. Hi guys, my SA342L can't fire guns or rockets because the entire option coloumn is conflicting with nothing, anyway to fix this?
  12. Hi guys, does anyone know how, if even possible, to reload the ready rack in CA's tanks? :helpsmilie:
  13. So, my friend and I (we're using the Steam version) have tried multiple ways to fix this and to no avail, even the 1.2.16 Uh-1H copying that ArtMan suggested doesn't work, and we updated his Visual C++ (he actual repaired it)
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