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  1. Any input from ED on this? I have the same issue, but much worse. I'm in VR (HP G2).
  2. You can't really expect ED to work on a campaign for an early access module when a lot of the systems will change between EA and full release. That is a complete waste of their time. They would have to rewrite and fix the campaign with every patch.
  3. Hello, Has anyone heard if ED has any plans on implementing or coding the use of suppression of the enemy or making the enemy choose fight or flight when they are being shot at? I think that would be a great addition to the game. For instance, you are in an attack helicopter bearing down at an enemy. He notices that and stop shooting at you and runs behind a building or tries to break line of sight. Once you fly past him, he opens up fire on you as you fly away. Does this sound like it may be too difficult to code?
  4. I know it's quite off topic for the release of these two modules, but you know what I would like to see? Maybe if ED could program suppression or the enemy will stop shooting to run for cover if they see an aircraft flying towards or shooting at them.
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw this in some forum post or video somewhere, but the Hind, although capable of sling loading, is just not used that way. It is underpowered and often not even able to hover in many situations. I think they said they would not be implementing it due to those reasons. Let's leave the sling loading to her fat cousin, MI8.
  6. I tend to disagree with you and that notion. I think a lot of people think like me, which is to say that I like learning the module as it progresses through development. I learn and master one thing at a time. It seems much less overwhelming that way and there is always something to look forward to with each new patch. It's like my module is a Tesla and it gets over the air updates every once in awhile.
  7. SPOILER ALERT! I had an issue with the trigger when the jeep is leaving the city. I used F10 and said I would take it out with guns. As I was lining up, Smoke tells me he's on his run in even though I said I would take it out.. Well, I took it out and that pretty much broke Smoke. He just kept orbiting and wouldn't get back in formation or head to the tanker.
  8. I apologize for not including a track file. I have my DCS set to not record tracks for several reasons. I can change that, re-fly the mission, and then include the track file. I don't mind, but that seems like an awful waste of time for something that is probably very easily and quickly repeatable by your team. It's the first stadium north of Beirut. To easily repeat the bug, just set a helicopter to start from the ground and place it smack dab in the middle of the stadium. Having said that, I sent in a couple bug report because the map looks amazing and I really want it (and your company) to flourish.
  9. The Stadium north of Beirut has a lighting glitch where the light emissions don't line up with the physical lights as show in this screenshot.
  10. The stadium north of Beirut doesn't have ground collision detection. You can land through the grass and go underground and land in the lower area as seen in this screenshot
  11. I went to go pre-order the Hind, but couldn't find it in the shop :huh:
  12. I'm pretty sure they have several subject matter experts (prior KW pilots and crew chiefs) that said the cockpit reminded them of being back in the bird and it looks great. I'll take the SME's opinion over yours. Thanks.
  13. ED is making a time machine. They said it will be released in....2 weeks :D
  14. Collective Please add me to the list of orders. PM sent.
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