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  1. Gryphon 1 | Phantom MiG-21bis
  2. Gryphon 1 | Phantom Mig-21 reserve.
  3. Yup, this update definitely messed something up in VR it is practically unplayable now.
  4. I have the same issue. Has ED been notified of this?
  5. no bombs loading on pylons
  6. Also, is there a newer thread/discussion on this? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...72&postcount=1 This one is around 2 years old, and I'm guessing much more is known abou lt to it now.
  7. You're right. Regardless of what was the "right" or "wrong" choice I guess it's good that people were compensated. This luthier person though..I hope he gets what's coming for him. NEVER to be trusted or worked with again. Gratz on the spitfire btw everyone :D
  8. Wow never realized how much of a mess this was.. they duped 2500 people! $150,000!!! I think ED should not have gotten involved. This was between the backers and creators, right? The backers should take full responsibility for their decision to fund this project, even if it fails like it did. And like so many other kickstartes that turned out to not be legitimate. Why was this to be any different? I hope you can undersatnd how horribly shady this all looks now. LOL seriously EVERYONE watch this video... he better be out of a job or "flipping burgers" like he said. What an absolute joke. Just watch the second video, it perfectly sums this all up. There's nothing more that can be added after that
  9. Also I wanted to mention, this but it's kinda unrelated. But what is the actual story about the ww2 map? I heard it was started on gofundme by people and it failed, then ED took over (even though it wasn't their responsibility to deal with it). Just wanna know the actual story out of curiosity.
  10. Agreed, just wish i knew their thought process. Their communication isn't the greatest in the world as stated before.
  11. Oh don't get me wrong Yurgon. I think DCS is AMAZING one of a kind and they have done tremendous stuff like you just stated. The things i said just are merely to accelerate the what I believe to a be a the baseline infrastructure for all these great things. I would LOVE to have ww2, trainers, etc you name it, but after the things i stated. :p I just believe base DCS is "incomplete" without some stuff like dynamic campaign and more modern fighters. Afterwards though, should be expanded for sure.
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