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  1. Wonderfull. So it will support the A-10C, F-16C and the F-18C if I followed it all correctly? Will there be a 'beta' status like before or will you now accept some money? Anyway, thanks for bringing umfcd back Sgt. Baker.
  2. Yes, and I like you're thinking. Thanks. And hotkeys are indeed easier them the s,m,l screen buttons.
  3. Hi sgt. Baker. Will it be possible to work with a hotkey to swap mfd's? I have 2 of them but some aircraft require 3 so I like to swap them simple and quick.
  4. I for one hope that ED and SGT_Baker can find that middle. Umfcd for me is very important because its ease and flexibility. Changing lua's must isn't feasible when using different monitor setups. I really hope the good people of ED see this and acknowledge the need for such tool, especially for people in changing envirements or deep knowledge of computers. Please let Baker continue which his great tool. It's a win for everyone.
  5. Glad your'e back from the bowels of ISP troubles :)
  6. I have a 20cm extension on my Stick so in the 'standard' stick mount its way to high, are you making extended ones for people with stick extensions? it looks like a great solution for my problem.
  7. SiThSpAwN is right here. Igot an messege from Baker a few weeks ago that some sad things in his personal life happened. He's been on the forums also i saw so i guess in time when he's got something to tell us he will rise again. in the mean time all we can do is wait and :joystick::pilotfly:
  8. i figured that out later, lol. hope the squashing of bugs is succesfull, Baker.
  9. It works all the same in multiplayer as wel as in singleplayer. for me its just starting uMFCD before starting DCS and it works (for me, some people do have problems). and i'm sure Baker is cracking the bugs that still are there.
  10. LOL I'm quite sure I didn't mean to say you had to drop everything for that right away. But anyway it's nice that still carries over in time. Only Three-ish bugs, it could have been worse. Good job, Baker :thumbup:
  11. If i remembered correctly, this version of uMFCD is mainly aimed at the current 'release' of DCS namely 1.5.2. In due time off course the 2 version becomes the new release and i'm sure Baker will correct anything. but to test version 2 at this time you have to have the NTTS map and i'm not sure he has that one. a question from me though, for version 1 there was talk about a sort of moving map in the kneeboard. are there still any plans for that?
  12. well i guess this is why UltraMFCD is such an great application. the thought invested in it is ... wel thought. Baker, good to hear you can kill two birds with one stone. I'm waiting eagerly.
  13. Thx Hansangb, i tried it but to no effect. i think priority doensn't effect it because there is enough room to run them both. my gfx is running around 80-85% total, i use about 7GB of my 16GB of ram and my processor is doing less then way less then 50%. I do think it would help if i became short of a commodity though.
  14. Baker is it possible to get an option to bypass the system you use to get the performance up when using the FLIR? And just copy the image on the ingame mfcd? My OCD jump every time i try to use that because of the random stutters. ALso using the slew doesn't work that well because of that same stuttering. My system should be handeling it fine as it always had done. plus is had some oemph left when monitoring. Is this BTW an issue of DCS using the old map on the new graphics engine? Really hope there is a way to eliminate them.
  15. the colour renders are fluent as water. Umfcd 1 ran fluent on my computer so i'm not worried
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