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  1. While I agree that the model is lacking in comparison to the rest, it is still very inconvenient to not been able to control the Patton, especially in the MP scenarios I regularly take part in. (Scenarios where combined arms is very much used for ground combat)
  2. Kind of a necro here. However we still cannot directly drive the M60.
  3. So, is the CM802akg suppose to be able to guide itself on terminal with PP entered? Wondering if it is a bug or normal behavior we are seeing right now.
  4. Nice tool, very eager to see the JF-17 integrated also :) Keep up the great work!
  5. Read on TTI jf17 channel on discord that deleting then replacing the awac on a mission potentially fix the D/L. Something to do with missions made prior to JF17 release apparently.
  6. So, just got a new job, so lacking the time to follow on making loadouts for every aircraft which are DCE ready, however, all said loadouts are DCS ready. Posted them on google drive : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1byl6fnF_4doZLyXbzaB3Crkc5FQCS_nf Feel free to use them if you wish.
  7. Won't have time to buy it before work to day I guess. No problem, just gonna be a bit patient :D
  8. Almost done fixing the loadout exports from DCS, wasn't expecting that part. Had to fix exactly 770 loadouts. Will start to make actual DCE loadouts during the weekend and try to release them as a per-plane basis. Loadouts are divided on a per decade (60's,70's,80's,90's,etc) either early or late and if the loadouts is the "final" evolution of its kind, it will wear a small "+" (ex. 80(late+) ). Also in some cases they come with an Export tag (for example, export loadouts might use the AIM9L instead of AIM9M) or even a few airframes with EXPORT - CHEAP tag for those times you'd get an even worst deals than others.
  9. Done loadouts for all planes and helicopters, except props. Now begins the DCE-fication ofnsaid loadouts.
  10. Well I made the suggestion might as well pitch in a bit, will get into making some. :book: However, determining some values is kinda vague, in the sense of measuring in comparison to other loadouts, for example the "firepower" and "capability" values. (Which is the basis of the idea behind putting together a standardize base template). Should for example a f-16 and a f-15 with 4xaim120 and 2xaim9 each have the same firepower? How do you gauge the capability? For these two, which have the same loadout but not the same pro/cons. That sort of things. Also deciding on cruise, attack speed and time on station is also vague (from my point of view). Lastly the fuel value, is it in pounds, kilos, baguettes? (:P) Or just simply what is written in editor? Anywho, I'll do loadouts based on era too. Naming convension I'm going for will be something like this: - 80(early) - 12*500lb GP Bombs - ECM - 80(late) - 6*AGM - ECM Would that fit? Edit: Been at it today, so far put together 1970-2000 loadouts in DCS for: -A-10A -A-10C -A-4 -Viggen -Harrier -B-1 -B-52 -F-14A -F-14B -F-15C -F-15E -F-16A -Mig-15 -Mig-19 -Mig-21 -Mig-23MLD -Mig-25PD -Mig-25RBT
  11. Suggestion. Has anyone thought about have an entire units and load-outs database with standardize values? Kind-of like a template people could just pickup and plug in their own campaign. Now that I look at it, sounds like a tall order :music_whistling:
  12. Q-5, having a new ground attacker would be nice!
  13. Something I'd really love to see is the engine managing ground units to an extend. While not necessarily real time in mission (for performance's sake), but seeing them moved between mission. Would make for evolving battlefields. (Not easy to add I know but a man can dream).
  14. A redfor two-seater would be nice. I do remember Wags saying, IIRC (in an interview with Alert 5), that the Russian part of Ed can't make russian full fidelity modules, but nothing besides getting datas can stop nonrussia 3rd party Devs from doing so. To be honest, I would probably kill for a HB russian plane, no matter which one.
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