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  1. This campaign is a lot to unpack and has been a great learning experience so far. Today I fired up mission 3 and got to the AAR and Smoke proceeded to AAR first (not in a turn) and after 3 seconds of contact with the basket he ejected and never deployed his chute. RIP Smoke. I have read here that changes in DCS can greatly affect campaign mechanics and addressing mechanics and bugs looks like a very time consuming process. From what I have read I can access the two parts through the mission files/mission editor. I look forward to my new wingman tomorrow!
  2. I love your server. I get great performance over here in South Korea. Must...donate....soon!
  3. I have 660 card and even my settings on low or medium all give me stuttering especially online, Especially in low level mountain flying, ESPECIALLY when I'm merged. Yeah...I'm planning on a new build with 16gb ram and 980 card.
  4. Yeah.....Buddy Took 3 passes of gun runs at within the 1.5 range to the side and rear of a sinhle T72 tank and no effect...just rolled off the field to a road like "oh yeah?" Also, dropped 2 Cbu 87s on a group of 3 APCs...no effect. Not even triggered. I think they may have grown wings and flown away. They work fine in 2.0 though:noexpression:
  5. Awesome Job This is absolutely perfect! I prefer paper on hand to apps anyway. Well done!
  6. Crashing while loading campaign missions I am also crashing after loading any mission in both 1.5 beta and 2.0 alpha. But I am able to play the instant missions. Tried overclocking gpu and without overclocking. Gave admin permissions to all DCS folders on my pc just for fun. Chose to debug and see what might be the process causing the error and it says "a_10protect.pdb not loaded". :huh: **EDIT:: I have uninstalled 1.5 and kept 2.0. I also noticed I had the old 1.x files still in my ED>DCS folder. I then checked my SavedGames folder and sure enough there were 2 folders one was a plain DCS folder with all the files that should be there the other was a folder labeled DCS.openbeta but did not have any files. I deleted that folder as well as any other folders not related to my 2.0 install. I then did a clean install of 1.5 open beta and voila. No more crashes, better FPS, and faster menus. I'm no expert but I'm guessing it was trying to reference the two folders and the beta couldn't load properly because it was referencing an empty folder?? Hope this helps someone. Logs.zip Systeminfo.zip
  7. Go to Users > name of your computer >Saved Games > DCS.openbeta > logs. From there highlight all your log files and right click. Select Send to> Compressed Folder> desktop. Then when you post your message here click advanced reply. A window pops up. Upload your file then close window then submit reply. Also read this about including system info too. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=147710
  8. Repeated similar crashes A-10C Georgian Hammer Campaign Same repeated crashes here for that campaign. FC3 F15C is fine but for A10C it seems when I get past a certain time or area on the map it crashes with no error code given. System info and logs attached in zip. dcs.log.zip
  9. Disabled all mods....This is AWESOME! The SAMS! THE SAMS!!! Feels like BMS! The textures are buttery smooth. My fps goes double or stays the same thanks to the more gpu intensive code. I can FINALLY get passed the first campaign level in A-10C. LOL. Something with my system just wouldn't do it. Also, JTAC comms are less buggy. I've had some bugs with menu music playing through to the game but that's what this beta is for. This is great work! Have a drink, looking real good so far!
  10. Hey, no worries. I expected this kind of stuff and it will all get ironed out. That's why its called a BETA test.
  11. dat changelog tho... That's alot of work! Congratulations on 1.5 and 2.0! I'll keep throwin money your way!
  12. In a world of instant gratification I am happy to pay such a small fee for the hours and hours, headaches and dedication that has made this a reality! Thanks for the discount and 2 free campaigns! Really have enjoyed waiting...call me old fashioned but it makes it more fun.
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