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  1. On release day I saw a lot of questions asked in the ED Discord about being able to switch seats in multiplayer. I knew this feature was probably not going to be there as other multicrew modules with an AI crewmember (Hind, Tomcat) also do not have this feature yet. The response to this question was ''We are looking into this option, it adds an extra layer of complexity to multicrew'', which is completely understandable and logical. I then saw that Heatblur actually managed to implement it on their Tomcat on the same update. I was wondering how this went. Did Heatblur develop this technology on their own? Or did ED 'ask' them to maybe, co-develop and test it on the Tomcat. I was curious how this process went and if the technology is transferable to the Apache. The reason I'm asking for an indication of a timeline. If its transferable then one could assume the feature could be here rather sooner than later, if not then it might still be quite a while away, which is also fine. In a worse case, which I'm not hoping, Heatblur developed their own tech and ED developing their own for the Apache would undo or break the work Heatblur did. For now, George is great and I even have some friends loitering around (they suck though ) who I can occasionally fly with. But doing it all by myself in Multiplayer is something I'd like to do in the future if George doesnt quite get the job done or my friends are tired of me yelling at them.
  2. 1. Spawn in on the ramp, cold and dark 2. Press F2 3. Unzip 4. ??? 5. Profit
  3. Was waiting for a thread like this, was not disappointed. *grabs popcorn*
  4. Yes, would like the Sea King. But man, RAZBAM has already promised so many aircraft and helicopters. Don't get me wrong, I love the work RAZBAM are doing, but there is still such a thing as overpromising..
  5. This never works. The initial excitement always very quickly makes place for annoyance or anger, depending on the type of person you are. It's a 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' scenario. Take longer to release, people will cry they want it now no matter the state Release it in a semi-buggy, unfinished, unpolished state, people will cry that ED should have kept it in the oven a bit longer. In the end all we can do is have a little patience and let the Gods at ED decide when they grace us with the presence of the holy Apache.
  6. I need to go to the grocery store to get some eggs and milk. The Hind and thus Petrovich is in Early Access. I am sure they will flesh him out and add some sort of capablity like you mention. Same for George on the Apache.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I completely understand there are limitations in DCS which would cause some awkward ATC situations. I have responded to your PM's. Thanks for the great work on the campaign!
  8. So I have purchased the Iron Flag campaign to act as a refresher course for me. I have flown the Hog for a few years, not exclusively but from time to time and would say I am able to perform any mission with it. Completed a few (DLC) campaigns with it aswell. Obviously not text-book and 100% realistic, but it gets the job done. Boy is this campaign a homerun if that is your experience with the Hog so far. Sure, the first mission goes over the start-up in great detail and I have started the Hog hundreds of times, but there is a lot of small details that rusted away in my procedures over the years. Same for the later missions. Functions and button you never touch and you go like: ''Ah, so that is how that works''. Brilliant! So far I have basically been flying straight on autopilot and listening to my IP with great interest. If that is your cup of tea, this campaign is for you. Would not recommend this campaign for beginners on the Hog, but for the 'hardcore' pilot whom seeks to get everything out of their aircraft. The overall concept does feel a bit weird to me. I can't imagine that it goes like this in the real world, where you are literally learning systems in the air. I believe they do this mostly in class-rooms and self-study, but I could be wrong, I am not a ANG A-10 pilot myself. Anyway, I am able to overlook this as obviously we are in DCS and besides it being the only method available at this moment, its also more fun to do then sitting in a class listening to a guy. Would not want to pay 10 bucks for that as a campaign. Small thing: Would have loved to be able to use pre-set channels earlier then the campaign lets you, even if you have not been over the radio's extensively in a sortie. A lot of channel chrunching, especially with ATC at departure/recovery. Anyway, the campaign really does what it advertises and I am confident that if you know how to operate the Hog in its basics, after this campaign you will be an absolute ace. Voice acting is really well done between Kermit and BIff, a pleasure to listen. On to the feedback on the ATC and first something that is a real no-go in aviation I believe on mission 3 the Tower controller goes: ''Cross runway 03 Romeo and hold short runway 03 Lima''. As someone who is active as a controller on a virtual civvie network, I gasped Absolute blasphemy. It obviously should be ''cross runway 03 Right and hold short runway 03 left'' I guess its also a bit on the voice actor, maybe he is unware of R/T procdures in ATC. In one of the missions BIFF instructs me to switch to the next station. I believe this was from Approach to Tower when we were recovering into Nellis. We both casually leave a frequency on which a controller was giving us instructions earlier. Normally the controller would hand you off to the next station, maybe after a call from the flight that they are established on the ILS (if applicable) or they have the airfield/runway in sight. Same for Silverbow Tower. I understand the decision for the orbit due to AI behaviour, but in any normal circumstance a Tower would not let 1 aircraft in a two-ship make orbits at 10.000 ft for spacing reasons. 10.000 ft would also be waaay above any 'Tower's airspace', although this could depend on airport elevation. There can be certain agreements that allow or facilitate this, but I dont think so in this case and its also a little to deep on the matter for now. I still went ahead and did as instructed only for Tower to give me the call ''At 5 miles, contact the Tower''. That is a really weird call to make for a Tower Controller. First and foremost, I am already on his frequency, so whom exactly do I need to contact at 5 miles, his collegae on a different Tower freq? He did not mention any frequency. Really confusing. Secondly, its not saying anything about what I am cleared to do within his airspace. I just assumed that I could start my approach and I believe that was what the campaign asked of me. He probably should have given me something like: ''Proceed straight in for runway 32, report final with the gear'' (as in gear down). Or maybe: ''Join initial for runway 32'' (which would mean we would fly the overhead pattern, but since we are not familiar nor based it would be unlikely that Tower would randomly give this out). The landing clearance there after was correct though. We also were not 'cleared' into his airspace to begin with and did not or only partially recieve basic information about the runway in use, QNH, maybe an ATIS letter and then additional instructions on how to proceed e.g. straight-in, joining downwind etc. I understand that this might come across as nit-picky and probably most casual flyers would not even notice or care about the ATC part. It's just something I noticed and thought I wanted to share. I also realise that implementing stuff like this is quite the undertaking and one can discuss if the effort is worth it for it to be appreciated enough. But BD going into ATIS'es like he does I do think he likes to get this kinda stuff right. In the end its not really a super big deal, but having it correct would only add to the immersion factor. I guess this is also a wider DLC-campaign matter. Some campaings try to do ATC correct, others make up stuff themselves and others don't bother at all with recording ATC lines from a script. I think the basic flying (VFR/IFR, R/T etc.) of the aircraft is often overlooked in most campaigns and focus more on the mission and how to accomplish it as succesful as possible. But oh well, can't have it all In the end, definately a good campaign for those looking to up their BRRRRTT, would recommend!
  9. Its an endless game of politics and finances. If ED would do this and China blocks DCS in their country, it would probably be a huge (potential) loss of revenue. Im pretty convinced if for this reason modules got more expensive because ED needs to compensate, people would feel different about it. Money talks, its the way it works. If you really want to, you can add it yourself, but I'm afraid we won't see it added to the game officially. Wrong as it may be, it is what it is.
  10. You can remove them in the Mission Editor.
  11. ''Issues'' based on a feeling usually do not gain much traction in this community. Back your feelings up with numbers and maybe people will take you seriously. If you get hit by a MANPAD it will be lethal, nothing weird about that. But in the first place, if you get hit by a MANPAD in a jet, then its probably the pilot who is at fault.
  12. As I fellow Dutchie I would like to inform you that it is illegal to put a Dutch skin on a Hornet because its the ugliest thing ever
  13. It does not matter what you interpret, they said they expected it to be in first week of May, whether it was announcing the exact date or the pre-order itself. Which means something can and obviously has changed. Then there is usually two kinds of people; the ones that wait for some information or an annoucement and the ones that create threads like this. It's not necessarily wrong to ask but a little patience would probably be good.
  14. I highly suspect this has to do something with the mod you installed. Make sure you have uninstalled it properly.
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