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  1. I´m sorry you feel that way, but the pictures show a lot more stuff made than the last pics that were shown. Also, there´s no much the Razbam team can do until an artist finish the models for a module, since this is the job of a single person most of the time. I can assure you the team is as excited for the MiG-23 as it is for another modules. All that is seen in the pics was made in a short time since I´m now focused 100% into finishing this aircraft. Expect more news soon.
  2. It has been some time since the last update posted about the MiG-23, so I decided to do some briefing to keep you updated on development and aware of a few things as well. The MiG-23 serious art development started at the end of 2019 (allowed by less art work needed in the MiG-19 by that date), which is the first step in the development of a DCS module, since coders need a more or less finished art asset to start their work. Work was going good as usual and the objective was to have a mostly finished art assets at the end of 2020. In the final months of 2020 and the first of 2021 I had to stop development because of a happy event, the arrival and birth of my first child. Since February of this year I have been back crunching on the MiG-23 artwork and a lot of progress has been made in the last months, including the completely remake of the aircraft cockpit thanks to the procurement of an accurate photogrammetry model, which allows for an almost exact copy of the real life one. the external model is almost finished and all the main parts of the internal cockpit have been made already. As the project manager and main artist of Razbam MiG projects, there´s a lot of work I need to do for a module, which not only includes artwork, but collect all required aircraft data, contact real pilots and provide coders with good know-hows on systems and aircraft performance, so I´ll kindly ask for your patience if possible. The plan we have is have this aircraft ready for internal alpha testing this year. I´ll provide you now with a few art development screenshots of the corrected models of cockpit and aircraft thanks to the magic of photogrammetry.
  3. Hello Shmal In due time, both the aircraft and cockpit models will receive a complete overhaul.
  4. Hello Dorian Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for let us know about this. This will be fixed.
  5. This is not present on any MiG-23 I know, being MF, ML/MLA or MLD maybe on older variants
  6. It was an issue with the MiG-19P only and it is fixed now. Sometimes it will push back the view a little (maybe like 5 meters) when you´re looking just over the right wing, but it is mostly because there are measures in place so you can´t see inside the 3d model. It is no longer as before when it would take the view 50 meters away from the aircraft from both the right and left side.
  7. This issue is fixed for the next update. It took some time because it was a hard one to find.
  8. The aircraft has spoilerons under the wing Also, the aileron damage limit was reworked and is ready for the next update.
  9. - and two confirmed and two probable F-14 kills - and several numbers of (didn´t have the exact number per type right now) F-4s, F-5s, F-16s - it also has claims of F-15 kills
  10. No, you were right, there was something messing with the helmet visor animation and it is fixed already.
  11. Can you show a picture of the pilot hand going through the canopy? thanks
  12. Thanks for letting us know. Apparently there was some mistake made while increasing the limit to 120º/sec. We will check with ED to see what can be done about this.
  13. A lot of things have been changed since those last pictures. Many of the fuselage and wings profiles were not correct, as well as intakes border radius. Canopy placement, shape and size. Correction of the measures of many parts, etc...
  14. The ITR and STR performance of the aircraft is being worked right now. There was a miscommunication issue in the team and a change was made that borked the turn performance of the aircraft. This is being fixed. Cockpit textures were also reworked to delete many black spots in the canopy bow section.
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