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  1. Burning Skies server has red for Bunkers, that are visible from some angels, invisible from others. Visibility is also dependant on zoom level, so that when you attack them and zoom in to get a good view, they sometimes just disapear :doh:
  2. Still having this. Regardless of the plane I'm flying. Can easily re-produce with 109 normandy freeflight mission. Note; if I set FOV to max 130 and pre-rendered frames to 3 or 4 in nvidia CP, the frequency of game freezes reduces a lot. Anyhow, still have them once in someting like couple of hours. If I do not set above and leave FOV to default 140, I can re-produce the issue with low level aerobatics and moving my view (Trace-IR) and zooming arround in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Tried the current GALI mission. All the Blue bunkers (targets for red team) are invisible :-( No Joy Please consider putting some other targets that can be attacked & destroyed.
  4. Your resolution is 1680 x 1050. Is that really your native screen resolution? (just wondering if DCS 2.5 for some odd reason would give you lower quality textures if your screen resolution is below 1920x1080???) Please give a try at the native screen resolution if that is not already the case.
  5. Turn on gsync AND vsync in nvidia control panel. No in game vsync. Works just fine for me. I additionally use FPS limiter in riva turner for 97 fps, as my monitor is 100Hz gsync enabled. Best way to monitor if the gsync is enabled is via fps indicator enabled from the monitor osd. This shows the actual monitor refresh rate. I can see when I'm not Alt+Enter full screen mode, that the in game fps varies, but the monitor refreshrate stays at 100. When enabling full screen mode (and thus also the gsync), both the in game fps indication and the monitor refreshrate vary, but stay in sync ...and this is also the most clear image i get, no tearing.
  6. post your graphics settings how come is your resolution 1680 x 1050? ...and as said above, check your texture is at "high"
  7. I would say, stick it in and see how it works. Before you stick it in, read your motherboard manual about which RAM slots to use. You have not told us yet what exact motherboard you have, but what you told us so far, I would assume it supports dual channel. Therefore try first to stick one on channel A and the other on channel B. Check in your BIOS that the both sticks are recognized before booting to OS for the first time. Basically it should work. You might have to make sure your motherboard bios is up-to-date. If it is not working, check your MB manufacturers support page for bios update. When investigating DCS 2.x microstutters and game freeze problems, I once actually configured 2 identical RAM sticks for single channel (i.e. 2 sticks in, one in channel A, the other in channel B) and compared that to dual channel configuration and found no noticeable in-game fps or performance difference. Back then I was testing with i7-4790K and a MSI Z97 gaming 5 MB and Corsair Vengeance 2400 DDR3, 2x8GB sticks.
  8. I've updated from 4790K to 8700K about a month ago. I did some before / after comparison back then on DCS 2.2 and the performance increase was there about 10% ball park for max FPS with 3440x1440 resolution. Anyhow, as my monitor is 100Hz g-sync I honestly did not really see the difference. A more noticeable difference was with VR, where I can now get a more smooth experience. Less, if any, dropping in to the low <45 fps area, much more 90fps VR sweetness with the new build. My update was from; 4790K@4.8GHz, MSI Z87 Gaming 5 and 32GB Corsair vengeance 2400 ddr3 to; 8700K@5.1GHz, Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 and 32GB GSkill trident-z 3600 ddr4 Other components like Samsung 960 EVO M.2 drive and GTX 1080Ti were kept the same. I have a EKWB custom build water loop including both for CPU and GPU with 480 (4x120) and 420 (3x140) rads. ....and I still get an occasional DCS 2.5 complete game freeze (which I believe is a DCS 2.x core game engine bug) :( Now, weather the update is really worth it is highly debatable. If feel it really depends; few additional fps for 1000 bucks. Not really worth it. Did not really make a difference if I was getting 80 - 100 fps on a 100Hz g-synch monitor compared to 90 - 100 now. On the other hand VR flying experience with Oculus Rift CV1 is noticeably better now. Anyhow, as small tweak on PD earlier with 4790K, and it was pretty good too. Other applications like photo / video editing (Adobe lightroom, photoshop, premiere, after effects....) is now of course noticeably faster. Telecommunication networks related simulation I run for work goes through in 10 vs 18 minutes. Now, I'm a bit of a PC nerd and I simply like messing around with latest gear, so hell yeah! It was worth it :thumbup:
  9. ...ok, it was the track file that was too large. Crash log without the track attached here. dcs.log-20180209-222035 (2).zip
  10. Once off crash during online game. Burning Skies server. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\AsyncNet.dll # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at DE836B0F 00:00000000 crash log NOT attached as it is too large! When I try to attach to forum post, It says; dcs.log-20180209-222035.zip: Your file of 33.52 MB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 9.77 MB for this filetype Crash log available in; https://mega.nz/#!1txHXK6S!PxMDDWRUudlbARhSS7YyoQI7UCh46tvrPQiHAL62wqw
  11. I've had these game freezes since release of Normandy map when I started using DCS 2.x versions. Several other people have been reporting the same. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196211 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189729 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=188804 I believe that it is a fundamental problem in ED's new game engine; Some game engine threads get out of synch or stuck. A watchdog expires and they try to re-start the main graphics engine. That fails and the result is a game freeze. If the re-start of the main graphics engine works ok, all you see is a bit of stutter.... but not being anyway related to ED or their SW development team, this is all of course pure speculation. The only thing that has helped me is to; - limiting max FOV to 120 - 130 (.lua file edit for CameraViewAngleLimits) and - setting nVidia control panel setting max pre-rendered frames to 3. to me that is not a fix, but a workaround that at least in my case helps a bit. In the end ED need to fix their code.
  12. What is your monitor resolution and refresh rate? What are you trying to achieve with your update? Upgrading CPU on your current mobo does not really make sense. You might want to check if you can overclock your current i7-3820. I have a older system based on Asus P9X79 and i7-3930K and GTX 980 and it is actually still quite good on 1920x1080 resolution. I would advice GTX 1070 (or GTX1070Ti) instead of 1060, but that depends of course on your available funds and if you are aiming better than 1080p @ 60Hz. Do you have a SSD in your system? If not, you should definitely get one together with new graphics card if you update.
  13. ^ go for 130 For me FOV 130 and max pre-rendered frames at 3 is already a big improvement. ...and yeah, it's not a fix, just a workarround. Especially for people with wide multi monitor setups. I have 21:9 aspect ratio ultra wide monitor myself and FOV 130 is actually pretty ok for me.
  14. Yes it seems to be the case for me that, as I said in my post #43 earlier, when I limit my FOV to 120 - 130 and have nVidia Control Panel maximum pre-rendered frames to 3, I do not get the game freeze issue anymore. Both not in single player or not in multiplayer. I have tested more than 4 hours single player and more than 6 hours multi player and have had only 2 game freeze'es in multi player, but in both cases FOV was 130 and max pre-rendered frames default. With FOV 120 + max pre-rendered frames at 3, not a single game freeze during 10 hours of gameplay. Although, I can not confirm that the issue is really resolved with these settings, but it is at least a big improvement. If I reset these values back to default settings, I can re-produce the game freeze issue typically under 10 minutes of flight. I can also see from comments from other people, that especially limiting FOV seems to improve the issue for other people too. Hopefully this is something that ED can start with and finally resolve the issue. I have been reporting the issue now for 6 months, so it would be about the time. Anyhow, I do not consider limiting FOV and max pre-rendered frames as a fix for the issue, just a work arround. As already indicated; - limiting FOV is particullary bad for people with wide multi-monitor setups. - setting max pre-rendered frames to 3 introduces input lag.
  15. - current DCS core simulation supporting only 2 engines - current DCS multicrew only 2.... ,but yeah, I would love to see a MultiCrew full fidelity B-17 in DCS. Simply the idea of one well placed burst from mk 108 giving you 10 online PvP kills is very exhilarating :gun_rifle::devil_2:
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