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  1. Thanks for the Event guys! It was a blast. We really enjoyed it. Give us more of this (even with random failures) :) Edit: Btw we didn't take jammers ;)
  2. holimoli


    any prove that ET can't do this in real life ? :harhar:
  3. big big thanks Mav and Tiger! It was great fun to fly and awesome commentary on the stream!
  4. Su27 please (or Su33 if there is spot left) [100☭] holimoli thanks
  5. Why should ED do this? I don't think they give much about MP;) :protest: Anyway . Thanks again Molatar, X-Man and the 51st for doing this and thanks for having us. :thumbup::thumbup:
  6. Hasn't this issue always been there ? I remember it even back from the 1.2 days and before...There are also other plenty stuff not visible in MP, like chutes, hooks position wrongly displayed etc. etc..
  7. you're welcome! if you have troubles with the AAR here are some tips which might make it easier for you - Use ASC stab ( I recommend it unless u have a good joystick/curve setup) - Use Autothrust. Makes your life easier ;) - Set your HUD to the right refueling position. This will make it easier cachting the basket as you will have a HUD indicator (circle) where to point your nose. - The HUD will also show you the speed needed to catch the basket. It is on the top left of your HUD (above your IAS number, the smaller one). It will change after you catch the basket and will show you the speed needed to keep in position. - Try to keep the refueling pod lights on the top edge of your HUD. - When using ASC stab, use trim. I almost exclusively use trim in AAR. Especially when the tanker turns I just trim the aircraft in the same direction. I barely touch my stick only in the beginning of a turn I use the stick to overcome the sharp and fast turn of the tanker. - Make sure your tanker is not flying too slow. Should be around 550-600. If you have any more questions feel free to ask:). You can also join our discord. I usually respond much faster there.
  8. Hi, most of the stuff is written in the manual - page 138 onwards. the panel (6 lights) below the AAR switches are: 1. Probe extended 2. Refueling/taking fuel 3. Tanks full 4-6 Are neutral trim lights The Refueling Pod lights displays the distance of the refueling cone to the pod. - There is a pic in the manual. I attached it. Copy paste from the manual:
  9. why did i even ask. Since MP is not working, ofc SP has a larger base :P
  10. how do you know that SP has a larger playerbase than MP?
  11. Squadron Name : 100-й КИАП Teamspeak : server.100kiap.org Contact Person : [100☭] holimoli Aircraft Selection : Su-33 we are UTC+8, UTC+1,UTC+3 [100☭] Breakshot [100☭] holimoli [100☭] Coxy [100☭] Vargas [100☭] Gari [100☭] Falcon [100☭] Gruja [100☭] Scarface
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