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  1. I'm gonna put two Steam advantages and two standalone advantages. Steam: 1) Downloads speed are better on Steam, regardless of where you live. Dunno if standalone servers got better, but the download speeds used to be dreadful, especially during release and update days. 2) On Steam is that you don't get limited activations for modules because they use Steam DRM - at least on newer modules. Standalone: 1) Almost every weekend there is some kind of sale going on and sometimes even bundles. 2) You can keep multiple game installations.
  2. That's good to hear! Haven't heard anything after the announcement, so it was kind of weird, almost if ED went back and canceled the project. Looking forward to the update on MAC!
  3. Short answer is, because it's easier and cheaper, and to use another engine it would require a lot of work anyway to implement and optimize DCS's features. DCS is being developed for a long time, way before Unity or UE4. They could have gone with UE3/UDK but back in the day the engine wasn't free, it was pretty expensive in fact. Also not sure if the engine would've supported the terrain scale of DCS - probably yes, but it would require a lot of work to make the custom physics engine and whatnot. Also, developing their own engine became easier than it was 5 to 10 years ago. Other companies like Ubisoft decided to build their own engine for their games instead of paying royalties to Epic to use UE. It's one of the reasons why Epic changed the UE business model to something similar to Unity's. Unity, even today, require a lot of work to improve and optimize its performance. Their graphics quality it's starting to be on par with UE4 with less work out-of-the box with their new Scriptable Pipeline Render engine. But their terrain module it's still behind UE's and it's being improved for upcoming versions. Maybe if DCS was starting it's development today, UE4 would be a viable option to speed things up. A great example that an already built engine isn't always the best solution is Star Citizen. When it started development in 2011/12, they decided to go with Cryengine instead of UE because they thought the first was more capable of supporting the game graphics and scale - and also beacuse Crytek lent a hand to build the tech demo. But look the amount of work they had done to customize the engine to support the game's system.
  4. well well, if it isn't the most beautiful jet fighter ever made. that textured wing screenshoot... I'm flagging this as porn.
  5. I thought I was the only one annoyed by this "feature". Good to hear we're getting rid of it. But I hope we're also getting a proper FoV slider with numeric values.
  6. Man, I envy you guys so much because VR is such a distant reality for us in Brazil due to heavy taxation and our currency to USD difference... Imagine having to pay 10x this price. Yeah. I wanna out of this country. Rants apart, I didn't know about this device until I read this topic and really got me interested on it. Thanks for sharing your reviews and experiences.
  7. because pushing a lever to raise/lower gears feels better than pressing G. about voice macros, you're flying a fighter jet, not a space ship (unless you're using on comms).
  8. I might be wrong on this, but I think the Su-25T isn't the easiest plane to start, even tho it's the one FC3-like available for free. But since you already have FC3, I think the A-10A is easier to start with. Similar plane and mission but easier to fly in general.
  9. try deleting the fxo and metashaders folders in your user/saved games/DCS and repair the installation.
  10. once you get into a knife fight against a F-5, you better have a good wingman.
  11. any possibility of converting Screaming Eagle to the new Caucasus map?
  12. I try to fly with the joystick on the same position as the aircraft I'm flying. If I'm flying the F-16, I use it on the right side. If I'm flying the F-15 or any other, I position the joystick on the center. But I honestly thing that the center position works best because I can hold the stick with either hands, and I saw this video of a F/A-18C pilot doing an ILS landing on a carrier, and in one moment he swap hands on the stick, holding it with the left hand, while he change settings on the right MFD. Edit: This is the video I was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSnlWJjRLNw The moment when he quickly swap hands on the joystick: around 2:51 Additional note: the Super Hornet cockpit is very, very sexy.
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