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  1. Do you reuse the old VAICOM line in the export.lua or the newly created? Have not checked if they are equal yet. Anyway I am in the exact same spot as sirrah after every update. Just deleting the export.lua is not a good idea as I have found out, as both Tacview and SRS will not automatically recreate their own entries.
  2. In addition to that, the updated implementation gives you an indication of signal strength by a number of 1-3 beeps per sweep. If you know what type of radar is painting you, you can estimate distance from that.
  3. Jonne

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    Du willst uns für den Blödsinn jetzt nicht ernsthaft auch noch die Schuld geben oder? Schau dir mal das Deka Subforum an, oder Magnitude 3. Da sieht man wie es funktionieren kann.
  4. It really depends alot on the type of switches and how they are mounted, but in some aircraft they are quite audible. The typical Russian breaker/switch combo for example mounted on a flat surface will give a click which you can hear even with everything running. A lot of CVR investigation includes reference to sounds of certain controls being operated or not. The flimsy switches in GA aircraft though, you can generally not hear.
  5. Jonne

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    Beim Screenshot von mwd2 fällt mir kaum noch was ein. Kein Wunder das Razbam lieber auf dem eigenen Discord kommuniziert. Glaube das Silver_Dragon in der Community hier höher angesehen ist als Razbam selbst.
  6. Looks like it. It was the F/A-18, then the other props, then the Mosquito. Wonder what will be next...
  7. Just posting this as it seems to have never made it into the Yak-52 forum section. Might give you an idea about the priority of finishing this aircraft.
  8. The gun sight dimension cannot be the reason for the lack of a CCIP mode. You would still use the pipper even for level bombing, but fixed to a preset angle. Why there is no automatic mode for bombing is a bit beyond me, as the technical difference to the existing unguided rocket mode should not be significant. Actually it would be interesting to know the details of the difference between the unguided rocket and bomb A2G modes.
  9. It is so forgotten, that there is not even a single AI aircraft matching its era in DCS
  10. Thank you! I am so going to test these all out, but I guess most of them will not work. Could you also explain the columns where the distance is given as a range or fixed value, like D=600-650m for guns in a2a gyro mode? Does that mean the range (pipper) is set to that range, or shall you dial it manually? The four range scales are not used correctly for the given mode. Most of the times its the largest upper scale. I don't know the exact allocations anymore. No, for guns and rockets without radar, you would still have slant range calculated automatically. This is less accurate and depends on the correct QFE set.
  11. This is not how it works and espacially not how it is calculated. The bleed air taken from the engines is indeed reducing thrust, but you do not reroute an entire stage. There are typically two controlled bleed air valves after two different compressor stages which will take some (very varying) amount of compressed air for auxiliary purposes. And again, you are not bleeding thrust, as the compressors do actually not generate any, but air flow. Thrust is generated in the nozzle. For the different aircraft we have in DCS, bleed air usage is very different. Most common usage across fighters is for cabin pressurization, however to a much lesser extend and thus required power than in an airliner. Than there is different stuff, like cooling of electronic bays, or even lift generation in form of blown flaps in the MiG-21. Now for the performance impact, there is not alot of material on this site for fighters, as they have nearly no stuff which is only optionally used powered by bleed air, thus the manuals don't contain any references. The influence of packs on airliners, which requrie by far the most bleed air, is somewhere in the region of 2% at take off, so it is safe to assume the influence of all the bleed air powered stuff on fighters is significantly lower and thus in a region were it can safely be neglected. You would probably not notice the difference anyway. On a site note, there are engine operating points where unused air is bled from the compressors intentionally to prevent compressor stalls.
  12. There are quite some, some of them related to your other questions. Most importantly the range indicators below the sight are not selected as they should. Yes it will stay as is for AA missiles. There is actually not a lot of information gathered from the ASP when using missiles. Second question may also be bug related, as the automatic scaling acts weirdly. I cannot find a good reference for real operation regarding that though. The gun should be left in A2A mode for ground usage. Unguided rockets are probably the best represented mode this module currently has. The sight will use either slant range calculated by altitude and set QFE, or radar when active and in fixed beam mode. The pipper will indeed give you impact location. Not really a point at all, if it actually works, which I doubt. However I would depending on the engaged enemy also not rely on the radar. With a non-manouvering target you can use the ASP just like the sights you know from the MiG-15 for example. That is gyro mode, wing-span set to the target, manual range per smallest scale on the range indicators and no radar lock. I have never succesfully used the pipper on a manouvering target and my assumption is, that pipper size calculation is bugged for small targets. Also keep in mind the maximum deflection of 6.5° in all directions makes the ASP quite useless in a turn fight anyway. Unlike the simulation, there is absolutely no automatic mode for bombing in the MiG-21bis. It is purely manual per bombing tables. You would set the depression (intercept angle) manually to a value from a table and get release altitude, speed, angle, etc. from the table too. This is both for level and dive bombing. This whole part is pure fiction. See above. Hope that all helps.
  13. With whataboutism we can start putting AIM-54 on the 21. And no, the Grom is not even speculative, but just not possible at all.
  14. To be honest, the Trancontinental and Western did puzzle me as well. But bear in mind, them holding the type certifcate "just" means that they are responsible for keeping the type airworthy. I guess Boeing did not want to continue support and thus sold the type certificate. Although one must say that the limited type certificate is a lot less than the regular one and seems to exist only for the purpose of keeping former military aircraft in the air for demonstration purposes. Prevost probably refers to Chris Prevost, who seems to be a P-40 owner.
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