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  1. __________________________ Just say i want the A-10. __________________________ EDIT: btw is that for steam or ED standalone? ... just curious. .
  2. is that with or without the quotes? “I want to go to Las Vegas” ;)
  3. I don't think models of any sort (vehicles , trees , electrical, buildings... etc) are even loading at all for you.. how much RAM does your video card have and your PC? EDIT: Also try flying low near the surface to see if things start to appear... may be a Level of detail issue..
  4. yep thanks ED, still don't have NTTR but none the less great work.:clown_2:
  5. lucky you I'm only getting 32 KB/s and I'm only 1/32 done of Nevada... I figure I will have it by Christmas day ;)
  6. When I started DCS 1.5 today it auto updated but when it auto extracted the files from the torrent update Kaspersky AV prevented the file in _downloads/bin/lua-ED_demosceneAPI.dll from being executed or copied I don't know which because it claimed it was a Trojan Backdoor , and consequently my 1.5 update failed, because of this. Anyone else experience this problem?. ps: I will be rechecking this file after I do a re-install and backup that particular file.
  7. Same here ,no link visible to DL. just says sorry...etc etc..
  8. About " Rift support" does this mean 0.6.x.x is no longer available, and I must update the SDK on my DK2 to use it with DCS, because that would not be such a great thing. .
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